She Runs Retreat

Welcome to my new blog! I’m so excited to share my love for running, exercise, and my own personal journey to being healthy, as this is where my true passion lies.

This weekend I had the chance to attend the She Runs Retreat in St. George, UT and you guys, it was so dang fun! I seriously did NOT want to come home! My friend Sheri came with me and we had a blast!


Thursday was the first night. After checking in there was a roughly 2 mile fun run around the golf course (we were at a resort) and there were glow sticks all along the way. The goal was to pick up glow sticks as you ran and use them to decorate yourself. We were also given rings that flashed different colors and finger flashlights, which helped us see as we ran in the dark. So fun! After we all got back, there was a competition to see who was the most creative. As you can see below, I didn’t do very well (I’m on the right…since you can see much of anything at all!)


Next there was a zumba party! I had never done zumba before and boy oh boy did it give me a work out! Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it, but imagine the picture above and zumba. Because that’s how it was. Everyone kept their glow in the dark stuff on, and there was a colored disco light.

Friday morning started early at 7 am with yoga for runners. You guys, I love yoga. It’s such a great workout! (Again, no pictures. I need to get better at that) We then went back to the clubhouse where we spent the rest of the day listening to lectures on different topics such as training for different distances and stages in life, correct nutrition for running, self esteem, and a few other topics. I don’t want to give them all away because I am going to be highlight what I learned from these lectures in future posts! I want to share the knowledge I gained with all of you! You should be super excited right now. I was just eating it all up! There were also a pilates workout, a self defense class (which I missed because Sheri and I spent that hour sun bathing…in the 45 degree weather. warm for us Northern Utahns!), getting amazing deals on new running gear and winning prizes! They gave away so.many.prizes!!! One of them will also be discussed in a future post. Don’t you just love all these teases?!

One of the best parts was meeting and becoming friends with Janae and Elizabeth. I found out about this retreat through Janae’s awesome blog (I’m obsessed and it’s fine. everyone is) and quickly became a big fan of Elizabeth’s blog. Isn’t it awesome how these silly things are bringing people together that never would have met? I love it!


The retreat culminated on Saturday with the choice of either a 5K or a Half Marathon. I decided to attend the retreat 3 weeks before it took place. So which race did I do? The Half of course 🙂 Above is a picture of us before the race. Elizabeth was freezing because she’s from Houston and Janae was being strong (even though she now lives in Cali). I don’t know how she did it because it was cold and windy before the race but during it I would have loved to have had shorts on.

The course started out all uphill for the first few miles but it was so dang gorgeous I tried to not care too much about the incline. I mean just look at those red rocks! That’s a kind of beautiful you just don’t see in many places!


Sheri really pushed me and it was a great race. I ended up finishing in 2:03:32 (my PR is 1:57) and 3rd in my age group. Ok I have to be honest, I finished 5th in my age group but the top two finishers overall were also in my age group, so it bumped me up. But hey I’ll take it!


The retreat was sooo much fun and I cannot wait to go again next year! I also plan to bring a big group of my girl friends and making it into even more of a party! You should go. Seriously. You’ll be hooked.

If you’ve made it all the way to this point, I am proud of you. I promise most posts won’t be this long. Well, maybe. One last picture of us girls after the race.


do you have any races in the near future? any new running/exercise goals you’re working toward?

-uh yeah, forgot to mention that I signed up for my first marathon. It’s in September. Wish me luck.

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any fun plans for the upcoming weekend?