duck dynasty, fog, and long run training

You guys I just discovered Duck Dynasty last night. I mean, of course I’ve heard of it before (my dad is obsessedddddd. He got quite a few Duck Dynasty related gifts for this last Christmas) but I had yet to watch it. It’s soo dang funny! I loved it! Although I had a hard time watching the gutting/cutting/skinning/etc of fish and frogs and who knows what else. Better them than me!

It’s foggy this morning in good ol’ L-town. I have to admit, I really like it when it’s foggy. I think it looks pretty cool. However, it also means my friend Nan and I will have to wait it out for a bit before we can go on our run today. She’s training for a half coming up in a couple weeks so we’re doing her first 10 miler! So excited! I’m also going to be wearing my new earbuds for the first time. I’ll let you know how that goes.


Since we’re talking about training (and since we’re doing the long run today), the Retreat Fact of the Day is going to come from Janae Jacobs on training for the Long Run:

The Long Run

  • It’s about being on your feet and moving forward. Just go!
  • You want to be at a comfortable, conversational pace. The point is the distance and to increase you endurance, NOT to see how fast you can run it. (I for one LOVE to talk while I run and will be doing so today. Sorry Nan. Actually not that sorry)
  • Every 3rd week should be a “step-back” week. So if you’ve been increasing your milage on your long run from 10 to 11 to 12, the next week should be 8 or 9. Your body needs time to recover and this will help reduce injuries.
  • Your long run should be 20-30% of your weekly milage. So depending on how much you’ve been running, you do the math. Thought I was going to do it for you huh? Nope, sorry. mwahaha!

“Give your body a break or it will break for you!”

Now you’re wondering, why would anyone in their right mind schedule long runs into their running schedules. I will tell you why! (well technically, I’ll tell you what Janae said)

Long Run Benefits:

  • Mentally: The long run helps you build your confidence (TOTALLY does this for me), helps you to develop coping skills (10% physical and 90% mental! Right, my high school xc coaches?), and teaches you how to persist even when you aren’t feeling great.
  • When we train our bodies to run long, it learns how to store more glycogen which allows you to go farther before hitting a wall. (glycogen is an energy source stored in the muscles. It’s what the bodies goes to first for energy during exercise. If these stores are depleted that’s when you start to feel really tired and like Janae said “hit the wall”. During long runs/races, my go to is Shot Blocks. I eat half of one every few miles and it makes a world of a difference!)


  • Practice: fuel, shoes, hydration, etc. This gives us a chance to try all these things out before the race! If you find out what works best for you, your race will be that much better!
  • Improved VO2max – the ability of the heart to pump oxygen rich blood to muscles and muscles to accept it. (you know how super good athletes have really low heart rates? It’s because they have really good VO2max levels, so their heart doesn’t have to work quite as hard to deliver more blood. Less work to get more done? Who wouldn’t want that?!)

Well, it’s still foggy so I’m going to go clean the house before Nan and I go running.

What are you doing this fine Saturday?

-cleaning, running with Nan, going into work for a bit. I know, it’s an exciting life I lead.

What’s your favorite running fuel? Do you carry water?

-ok I need a way to carry water. What do you use??

What’s the longest training run you’ve done? For what kind of race?

-10 miles for each of my half marathons. That will be changing as I train for my marathon!



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