Lots of food and chronic pain

I would be lying if I said I worked out today. I was at work until 6 pm and then came home and left for dinner with some friends. We went to Winger’s. I haven’t been there in about a year and a half and you know it was just how I remembered it; ok but not THAT awesome. I had a burger though and it was pretty good!


Not my finest angle. Try not to judge too harshly

I have to show you two other things I ate today. Just because I feel like they’re both pretty important. First of all, I ate a whole apple, as in not sliced. I bit it apart. This might sound like a small accomplishment but I have this thing where I don’t have like to eat apples unless it’s sliced up. I haven’t had time lately, so I’ve been taking whole apples to work. Here’s some proof:


Last food item for today, I just need to highlight the Marv N’ Joe. This is a Utah State classic that can be bought in the student center. It’s a slice of Hazel’s bread (on campus bakery. YUM!!), garlic butter, oil and vinegar, salt and pepper, tomatoes, provolone cheese and some parmesean, all toasted. Whoa. You guys it’s awesome. You can obviously make it at home, but there’s just something special about an actual Marv N’ Joe. I took a bite before realizing I hadn’t taken a picture. I’m so embarrassed.

ImageRetreat Fact of the Day:

Here’s a little plug for getting a running buddy! Chronic pain always has an emotional attachment. By talking while running, we can rewire our brain and this can improve chronic pain. You should spend the first half of your run letting out all the negativity. Talk about everything that is bothering you. The second half of your run think only positive thoughts. This will help to rewire the brain and change the negative emotional attachment connected to your chronic pain. Brought to you by Dr. John Hatch, functional neurology and applied kinesiologist specialist.

As runners, we all know the meaning of chronic pain. From knees, to feet, to shins, and backs we have all experienced pain. So get a running buddy to help you out 🙂

Do you like Wingers? What do you like to get there?

How do you like to eat apples?

Do you suffer from chronic pain? How have you dealt with it?


3 thoughts on “Lots of food and chronic pain

  1. Next time get their meatloaf. Seriously. Comes with mashed potatoes to die for.
    Secondly, Darrell and I both have the same apple problem. We were even talking about it tonight weirdly. Same with oranges. Oranges need to be peeled in preparation, apples sliced.
    I’m still battling a chronic ‘valuing sleep over running’ condition but went today for the first time this year and it felt goood. Otherwise I have a knee that acts up because I don’t naturally run completely straight (if that makes sense) when I’m not working on it, and my ankle still gets tense from my carpetboarding incident last year. Lastly, I’ve read every entry on your new blog, this is just my first reply. I will be better.

  2. I just wrote a post on what to do when you’re injured as a runner! 🙂 (I am going through a little achiness in my knees due to increased intensity)

    Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

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