10 miles and tan lines

So Nan and I went on our 10 miler and it felt great! One month ago there’s no way I would have believed you if you’d told me I’d be running outside in the winter. But Nan has converted me! It was in the 30s today and felt AWESOME. So nice! Definitely felt like Spring today. Here is one side of the valley on my way up a hill:


and the other side of the valley from the top of the hill. That cloud is smog. Gross.


So even though it wasn’t super warm out, Nan and I discovered tan lines on our legs! We were both wearing capri spandex so only a small part of the bottom of our legs right above our ankles is more tan. haha I’ll show you a picture but you can see it a lot better in perso

photo-12But we still had a great time! I love feeling strong and capable. Running is just the best ever. Here we are after we got back. We’re mostly happy to be done πŸ™‚ (the endorphines don’t suck though)


Did you get to workout today? What did you do?

See the previous post for the Retreat Fact of the Day!


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