tacos and candy

Tonight I went to dinner at a little hole in the wall Mexican place that I had never noticed before! Paco’s Taco’s everyone!


I love finding little treasures like this. I’ve passed this place a million times before and never noticed it! It’s always fun to discover a new place to eat. The same olds are good but they can get old for sure!

ImageI got a chicken enchilada and a chicken taco and they came with rice and beans. Now to let it settle a little bit before I go run! Maybe I’ll watch some “Women Tell All” for a bit too. (we all want to see the Tierraist get taken down a few notc

ImageWe’re really lady like, we know 🙂

Today’s Retreat Tip of the Day is brought to you again by David Johns, Nutritionist/Exercise consultant. 

You want to replace 50% of the calories you’re burning off if you’re running more than 3 miles at a time. One nice way to do this (and to fuel properly DURING your work out) is to eat candy. Yes, he told us to eat candy while we run. It’s a simple carbohydrate that breaks down quickly and gives your body access to instant energy. This will help with those glycogen stores we talked about in a previous post and keeps you from “hitting a wall” during your workouts. 

If you’re like me all you’re going to remember from this is “eat candy while you run”. And you know what? I feel pretty good about that. 

What’s your favorite hole in the wall restaurant?

Who do you want to “win” the Bachelor?? 

-I’m Team Lindsay. Although Desiree was my #1. Hated when she got sent home!

How do you fuel during your work outs?



2 thoughts on “tacos and candy

  1. hiii (i’m new to your blog, which is why i’m commenting on a march post when it’s already april =] ) i was just wondering, and this sounds like a silly question, does it matter which candy you eat if you decide to bring that as fuel on a long run? i’ve always used GUs but i don’t actually like them that much so i’m curious to try the candy approach.

    • Hi! I’m so glad you’re here 🙂 David recommended something like Skittles. So I would think maybe some sort of hard candy, maybe gummies like Swedish Fish? If you’re ok with a sweet, fruity taste while you’re running. Probably not chocolate. I don’t see that going to well. But if you try it and it goes well definitely let me know! 😉 Let me know what you try!

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