compression socks, sore abs, fitting in your work out

I know it’s kind of late to be posting, but when you have to work full time, get homework done, work out and fulfill other important responsibilities, sometimes this is the only time I have to crank something out really quick.

Yesterday I ended up doing a tempo run for 4 miles. It was tough but man it felt great. And my abs are sore today!! (sore abs are probably my favorite type of sore. except post-race sore) So what did I do? I went to an abs class today. Then I stayed for the zumba class afterward. I can move my hips, but the footwork makes me look like a fool every time!

Because of the awesome deal going on at Pro Compression socks for the month of March (I first typed January…man time is flying!), I gave in and bought a couple pairs. It hurt my heart a little to spend so much on socks but at the same time I can’t wait to try them out! I’ve heard only good things about them and I guess if I’m going to be convincing as a serious(ish) runner, I’ve got to have the right gear. Here are the ones I bought:



Today’s Retreat Tip of the Day is brought to you again by Janae (she gave a lot of good advice ok??). It’s on fitting in running with your work schedule, especially if you work full time. I know I sure struggle with it sometimes!

Fitting in Running with Working

  • Write it down! Plan it out!: Janae recommended even going so far as to plan your week out so you know exactly what you want to do each day. If you have it planned out, you’re more likely to do it.
  • Before work vs. After work: You have to find which one works best for you and then stick to it. I’ve been packing gym clothes with me to work, so they’re already in my car, ready to go. I see them every day when I leave work, so I’m much more likely to head to the gym than head home. It’s been working great so far! Although I have to admit I do like working out in the mornings better. If I were a boy, I would so go to the gym in the morning. They just shower and go! So much easier to be a boy sometimes.
  • Take Advantage of the Weekend: If you don’t have to work on the weekends (or maybe just have to work less), use that time to your advantage! Get in a long run, do a work out you’ve been dying to do. Don’t waste that precious Saturday when you have more time than you do during the work week!
  • Lunch Break: if you’re able to take a lunch break, try getting your work out in during lunch. It’s a great time to also relieve some stress midday and come back to work all refreshed! (mentally anyway)
  • Sacrifice: Working out with a busy schedule is going to require sacrifice. Time, hygiene, social events, whatever it is you need to do to get your run in. Remember this is for YOU! Make the sacrifice to take good care of yourself!
  • Schedule it in like an appointment: This one is not Janae’s. It’s actually something my dad has told me multiple times. Schedule your work out into your day like any other appointment you can’t break. You wouldn’t cancel a meeting just because you didn’t feel like going (although sometimes we all wish we could do that). Whether it’s in the morning, at lunch, or after work make the appointment with yourself and DO NOT BREAK IT!

Well it’s wayyy past this girl’s bedtime, so I’m going to wrap this up!

Do you wear compression socks? Which ones do you like? Favorite color?

Do you like being sore too? Or am I just weird? (it’s ok if I’m just weird)

What’s your trick for making sure you fit in your work out/run?


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