Best cookies ever and speed workouts

You guys! I’ve been waiting for this moment for weeks! My Girl Scout cookies are on their way as I type this very line!

And they’re here!!! Aren’t they beautiful?!


Thin Mints and Samoas…does life get any better?! Ok, that’s the last thing I will say about them. I’m just really happy about this. If you have a soul, I think you understand.

Today’s Tip of the Day is an encouragement to do your speed workouts! I’m still a little sore from Monday’s tempo run. I’m a believer! Here are your options:

  • Tempo: You want to keep your pace at a constant, comfortably hard pace. You should not be able to easily talk.
  • Progressive: Gradually increase your pace during your run. Pretty self explanatory.
  • Hills: these help to make you strong! My marathon is downhill for the first 14 miles, so I’ll definitely be working in some hill workouts over the next few months.
  • Fartleks: Funny name, unfunny results. This is when you change speeds as you run. We used to do these when I ran crosscountry in high school. We would pick a landmark like a street sign or just a certain amount of time, and until that was reached we would run quite a bit faster than our usual training pace. We would then slow down for a period of time. Then do it all over again. and again. and again.
  • Intervals: These are multiple bouts of certain distances at high intensities with recovery between each one.
  • Races are wonderful ways to work on speed!


I thought that was a nice reminder 🙂

Ok spill, what’s your favorite type(s) of Girl Scout cookies??

What’s your favorite type of speed workout? Least favorite?

What did you do for your work out today?

Have a wonderful Wednesday night!


One thought on “Best cookies ever and speed workouts

  1. 1st Girl Scout cookies are like crack, so addicting.
    2nd I LOVE the xo running poster you posted on the bottom of this post. SO true and so cute 🙂

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