cookie butter, cousins and snapchat

I know I already posted today but I forgot to tell you all something really sad…


My TJ Cookie Butter ran out a couple of days ago. I’ve made this thing last since Christmas time! If you haven’t had this, you are so missing out. However, there is hope because my boss said if we got a certain project done by Wednesday we could take an office Trader Joe’s run. So you better believe I’m working them hard 😉

Tonight I got to go to my aunt’s birthday shin dig. Here are some pictures from the night:


We had a LOT of good food. I feel so gross right now. But I don’t regret it one bit.


I also had this cake. It was a delicious as it looks! Yum! I’m so glad people were born and we celebrate it every year.


My aunt loves Wonder Woman and has lots of Wonder Woman things, including this apron. I got my little cousin to try it on and she struck this pose all by herself. I’m so proud.

IMG_1804And is there anything better than cousins?? I don’t think so. I sure love mine!


We are crazy, but that’s ok. We have a lot of fun. I love being the oldest 🙂


The older girl cousins. Sorry, little girls.

We also made sure everyone in the family downloaded snapchat and started using it right away. This is probably the most flattering picture ever taken of me, ever.


You’re so blessed that I allowed you to see this gem. My cousin and sister probably aren’t too pleased. I won’t tell them if you don’t. 🙂

I’m going to need to do a really good run tomorrow to work off tonight’s birthday feast. I’m going to wear my new compression socks. Can’t wait!

Have you ever had TJ cookie butter? What’s your favorite thing to buy there??

Are you close to your cousins/extended family? 

What workout are you planning to do tomorrow?


5 thoughts on “cookie butter, cousins and snapchat

  1. Hate to diss on trader joes but you can buy that stuff at Wally World. Yep that happened right after I brought 3 jars home with me from France.

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