Oz and shin splints

Today is one of those deceptive, early spring days where it’s beautiful and blindingly sunny but super cold still if you go outside. It’s exciting to see the seasons changing again though. I can’t believe it’s almost mid March! Where is the time going?!

This weekend I went to see Oz the Great and Powerful.


I was a little opposed to seeing this movie because I’m very loyal to the “Wicked” version of the Wizard of Oz story. I didn’t know if I could accept a new story. I was pleasantly surprised and was very entertained by the movie. I actually thought it was pretty funny at times and well done overall. While it definitely doesn’t replace the Wicked version, it was fun to watch.

One of my favorite classes I took in college was Athletic Injuries. It was taught by the university’s head athletic trainer. I loved when my classes were taught by people actually in the field! Anyway, one of the topics I loved the most was when we talked about shin splints (officially known as tibial stress syndrome). All throughout my high school cross-country experience, I was a victim to shin splints. I would ice them, take time off and do cross training, but it never completely healed. I just came to the conclusion that if I was going to run, I was going to have shin splints and I would just have to put up with it.

My Athletic Injuries teacher taught me something that turned on a light bulb and made all the difference in my running. Shin splints are largely an ARCH problem! My arch! I went out and bought some inserts to try out in my shoes to give me better arch support and bam! I instantly felt a difference! I felt more support not only in my running but in my every day walking around.


My next stop in fixing my shin splints was when I discovered that part of my problem was that I wasn’t wearing the right shoes. My first pair of Asics gave me the support I needed and it was so great! I knew I needed new shoes when I started to experience shin splints again.

Now, shin splints can also result from stress fractures (which I have a suspicion I had some of those too) and irritated muscles from overuse. But for me, taking care of making sure my arches were well supported has made all the difference.

Moral of the Story: Make sure you’re wearing the right shoes for your feet!

Have you seen Oz? What did you think of it?

Do you get shin splints? What have you found helps you?

What other injuries plague you? 

– My knees tend to hurt easily too.


3 thoughts on “Oz and shin splints

  1. I have to wear the same shoe all the time-new model same shoe. The Nike Motto. The most unglamorous running shoe ever. Lots of support because I’m a pounder. I tried other shoes including Asics because most ‘real’ runners wear them. I felt like my shins were being torn apart. My lesson was, stick to what works…

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