Drop 13

This is going to be a quick post because I only have 16 minutes to write this, eat my dinner and hurry to my friends’ house to watch the Bachelor finale. Yes, it already started but they have DVR, so we skip all the commercials. It’s the best ever.

I’ve been obsessed with strawberry spinach salads lately, so here is a picture of today’s lunch. Strawberry spinach salad with cranberries and sliced almonds topped with raspberry vinaigrette (my favorite dressing!). I also had my favorite greek yogurt. Yum! (yup, I eat at my desk. Who has time for lunch breaks?!)


Today I signed up for another half! #4! It’s the Drop 13 Half Marathon. My friend Kaili told me about this half and it’s the perfect race to do in training for my marathon! Why you may ask? Because it takes place in the same canyon that my marathon will be taking place! I get to run the exact course that will make up half of my full marathon. How cool is that?!


They also offer two chances to get extra medals!

1) Drop 13 minutes on your current PR (I’m totally going to try to do this!!)

2) Drop 13 pounds from your current weight. (ha! This so isn’t happening)

I think this is so cool to have an extra incentive to train harder for this half. I’m really excited to try to drop 13 minutes. However, I’m hoping to not kill my knees with 13 miles downhill. Yikes!

Ok I have 3 minutes to get to my friends’! I have to see if Sean finds loves!

What’s your current PR for your races?

Who do you want Sean to choose??


3 thoughts on “Drop 13

  1. I love salads but have been doing the same thing over and over. Thanks for a great new idea!
    The decent would scare me, too, but how great is it that you’ll KNOW what to expect in the marathon?

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