french toast, BWW, and yoga

Usually I try to have a good, protein filled breakfast so as to help me to last til lunch. However, this morning I went into the kitchen and decided it was a french toast kind of morning. French toast is my absolute favorite, no question about it, #1 breakfast! I added strawberries to it and used Great Harvest blueberry syrup.

IMG_1819For our spring break celebration, since we’re all here still working, my boss took us to Buffalo Wild Wings.


We ate a lot of wings. It didn’t sound like a lot when we ordered it but it was more than enough!


Some of our crew also played the trivia game going on. Those questions were really hard. Glad it wasn’t me playing!


Before heading back to the office, we decided we needed to finish off the spring break celebration with delicious cupcakes. I got a Reese’s peanut butter chips cupcake. It was as amazing as it sounds. This is me looking lovingly at it. We shared a deep bond.


So for my birthday my parents got me a 5 class pass to a yoga studio in town. The pass expires next week. Including the class I just went to I have now used 2 of the 5 classes. I will be busy getting my yoga on the next couple of weeks! Which is great! I love yoga. It’s so surprisingly hard. You see it being done and think it looks so calm. And while it definitely can be it’s also very challenging. It’s a great way to build strength and loosen up at the same time.

I had the lucky opportunity to be the ONLY person who showed up for class today! Private yoga class for me! I was afraid it would be awkward but it ended up being really great. It was nice to be able to be a little less formal and ask questions if I needed to.


Here are some awesome benefits of yoga to entice you to also participate in yoga:

  • Increased GABA levels in the brain, where low levels are linked with depression. So you’re more likely to be happier.
  • Eases chronic pain. (in some cases even erases!)
  • Sleep better and longer!
  • Higher confidence
  • Promotes correct breathing
  • Tones you up (come on, we all want this!)
  • Helps clean blood of waste materials
  • Melts away stress! This definitely is a big perk of yoga for me!

Source 1 Source 2

Hopefully that got the yogi within you excited to go do some yoga!

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

Have you been to Buffalo Wild Wings? What’s your favorite sauce?

What’s your experience to yoga? Do you love it?



2 thoughts on “french toast, BWW, and yoga

  1. French Toast is probably #1 on my list, too!
    BWW is so good. I love Buffalo Sauce 🙂
    I do enjoy yoga. I feel so strong and like I’ve had a massage when I leave.
    That cupcake looks gorgeous!

  2. You know me and yoga … we have a strong bond. Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe one of these days, I’ll let you borrow my APY dvd and try out a long class at home. It’s SO good.

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