pi(e) day and finding motivation

I love Pi Day. I mean, I do enjoy math. It was never I class I disliked (minus geometry. that’s just mean). But everyone uses it as an excuse to eat pie! I thought my office needed to participate in this also, so I ran to the store really quick and got us this lovely coconut cream pie.


A few months ago, my boss went to Nepal for a month. I know, pretty cool! Anyway, she brought me back a pack of chicken curry masala spices, so I decided to make it for dinner! Turns out you need more spices to add to it, so I did what I could. I also decided I hadn’t had enough coconut today and added some coconut oil to give it some of the flavor. It worked! So while it didn’t end up tasting exactly like Indian food, it was still good.


Tonight I got to FaceTime with my friend and old roomie, Shana! She’s living down in Dallas, taking on the world and rocking at life. It’s always nice to talk to her. She’s doing a relay race this weekend. I can’t be convinced to do a relay race. I kinda like my sleep and hate sleeping somewhere other than a bed.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 8.48.19 PM

My blogger friend Cori over at OlivetoRun is doing a giveaway for these cute shirts! Click on the picture to go see more of them. I have never won a blog giveaway, but I’m crossing my fingers on this one.


Today I have a serious case of the “I don’t feel like working out”. I sent out a plea for motivation into the social media world and a girl on my staff sent me this picture. I thought it was perfect.


I have to admit that while this did succeed in motivating me, when I got home and put on my running gear, I started out my door and my left knee was hurting really bad. So I turned around and came home. I still have to work out but I plan on getting at least a little something in. Probably on my Nike Training Club app. I’ll talk more about that later. But it’s really, really awesome.

Today, I want to learn from you. What do you do when you don’t feel like working out? What motivates you? How do you know the difference between a day when you should take a rest day and a day when you should suck it up and go work out?


Please tell me you celebrated Pi Day! What kind of pie did you eat?


3 thoughts on “pi(e) day and finding motivation

  1. Yay for math!
    I am so sorry to say that I didn’t have class today and so I didn’t celebrate pi day. I did post a funny on FB, though. Does that count?
    Love the motivator!

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