we built chairs, I need your advice and Runner’s Knee

Today at work we get to set up new chairs! That might sound lame to you but 1) the office staff really does need new chairs. See the pictures below for proof. 2) I LOVE to assemble things! I have my own tool kit and love to fix things around the house. Growing up my brother had a play work bench and I think I played with it more than he did. I also loved to take things apart and figure out how to put them back together. Like doorknobs. I did those a few times.

Here is the before and after:


Here’s cute Karlie setting up the first chair! We thought we needed a tool kit so she went and got hers out of her car. haha love it!


and it was a success! No broken bones or anything…yet. We’re hoping we screwed the screws on tight enough haha


Ok, I am for real going to go on my long run today. Because tomorrow I am going to yoga again. Gotta use up those class passes, remember! I’m shooting for 8 miles but I’m not sure how it’s going to go. Maybe shorter (my left knee hurts all of a sudden) or maybe longer. We’ll see! The weather is beautiful, so I definitely want to take advantage before it gets too hot.

I have been buying lots of running gear lately and the next thing I want to acquire is a GPS watch. One of my best friends likes the Garmin Forerunner 410, but that’s the only recommendation I’ve had! Help a sister out! I know nothing about GPS runner watches. What’s the best brand? What do you use?? Do you like Garmin? Nike+? Another brand I’m not aware of…?

There’s talk of going on a hike now…we’ll see what my work out really ends up being. Probably can’t squeeze in both. Not enough daylight quite yet for that.

Let’s talk about Runner’s Knee. If you’re a runner, you know what I’m talking about. I think we’ve all had this at some point or another.

What causes Runner’s Knee?

  • Overuse (this is one reason it’s important not to increase mileage too much, too fast)
  • Direct trauma to the knee. One time I did slip on ice on my way home from campus and fell right on my knee. Hurt like a beast.
  • Misalignment
  • Problems with your feet, such as flat feet or over-pronation. Guilty. So guilty of this.
  • Weak thighs

How do you fix Runner’s Knee?

You always want to start off with good ol’ RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)

  • Rest. Use the injured knee as little as possible.
  • Ice. Do this for 20ish minutes at a time. Just a note: one this that my Athletics Injury teacher always stressed was that when in doubt you ALWAYS ice, rather than using heat.
  • Compression. Such as with bandages or sleeves.
  • Elevation. Get that knee up!
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs are always a good way to reduce effects of irritation
  • Strengthen your thighs! These are the muscles supporting your knees. If these are weak (as mentioned up) your knees will take a bigger hit than they should.
  • Use shoe inserts to support your arches and buy running shoes specifically for people with flat arches or overpronation. The extra support really does make a difference! Promise!


When I ran cross-country in high school, we would always do the stretch where you cross one leg over the opposite leg and hug that leg close to our bodies. At this point it was tradition to kiss your knee twice. We had a saying that “If you love your knees, they will love you back”. I still believe that to this day! So take good care of those knees!

What did you do/are going to do for your workout today?

Any advice on a GPS watch??

What do you do prevent your knees from getting injured?


3 thoughts on “we built chairs, I need your advice and Runner’s Knee

  1. I love my Garmin Forerunner 10. It was a great purchase!
    Today is a rest day for me and I am taking full advantage of it ~ 10 miles tomorrow.
    Staying injury free is so important… I try to eat well, sleep well, stretch after a run, stop if it HURTS, and respect my rest days

  2. My first watch was the garmin 305 and it is still my baby. I LOVE that thing. My husband bought me the Garmin 10 this past Christmas and I do really like it (lighter, smaller, cheaper, lime green) but I am so use to the 305 that it’s still an adjustment for me.

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