Our green baby

A couple years ago a friend introduced to me to the Sleep Cycle app and I’ve been using it on and off ever since. It tracks how you sleep during the night based on your motions (you put it on the corner of your bed). Well I’m happy to report that I got a sleep quality of 97%! Best sleep night ever! Here’s the proof:

As you can see, I have no issues falling asleep. I drop off the moment my head hits the pillow!

Yesterday I got a good 1.5 hour yoga class in. Felt great! There were a couple times I thought my legs would give out because they were so tired.


Today is a very special day. We take St. Patrick’s Day very seriously in this family. My mom made green eggs and ham…


All the kids wore green (yes my sister is wearing green. I don’t know why it looks blue in the picture)

And it’s all because it’s this girl’s birthday!!! She really does love us I promise.


My sister was born 8 weeks early because of my mom’s extremely high blood pressure during the pregnancy and I still remember the way she said “No! I don’t want a green baby!” Haha Glad to have my baby sister πŸ™‚

I know I’m being a terrible blogger this weekend but a birthday dinner followed by cookies and cream ice cream cake are calling my name. I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Happy Sunday!

Any of your family members have holiday birthdays?

Any St. Patty’s Day traditions?

What did you do this weekend?


One thought on “Our green baby

  1. I’m not a big St. Patrick’s Day celebrator… I know, fun right? πŸ™‚ I use to more in h.s. and college but now I just dress up with my students and call it a day πŸ™‚

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