more celebrations, a new belt, and my secret to good health

The celebration kept going yesterday as my sister decided to relive our Texas days at Longhorn Steakhouse for her birthday dinner. It was super good. My steak was amazing! The dork in the picture is my dad. He’ll smile for pictures like this and then make funny faces in picture where we’re trying to be serious.


The festivities continued at home with an ice cream cake! Yum!!! She can have a birthday whenever she likes if it means ice cream cake šŸ˜‰


My roommate’s birthday was also this weekend but since she was out-of-town, we all went to dinner tonight. It was so fun! and yes, I do like to pretend I don’t have a neck.


My mom is the best and bought me this belt to wear while running. It’s made to hold my keys, my phone, chapstick, whatever! She was also excited that it’s such a bright flourescent color so cars will be sure to see me. I’m excited to have a place to put my phone where I won’t get chaffing! (my arm band that usually holds it just tears into my skin)


Chances are I won’t wear it with this outfit though. I don’t think I would get a good response if I started wearing this instead of my purse.

Tonight I wanted to share one of my personal secrets to staying healthy. Prenatal multivitamins (nope not pregnant)


All my life my mom had to remind us every day to take our multivitamins. Every.Day. So when I moved away to college, I’m sure she was panicked that I wouldn’t take them. Let’s be honest, it was a very valid concern. She gave me a bottle of prenatal multivitamins and said “they’re like super vitamins”. You know what? She was right! Just check out this label! (and contrary to apparently popular belief, they don’t contain hormones. just vitamins and minerals with extra doses of things like folic acid, which are very important during pregnancy).


Over the years, I’ve noticed that the times when I’m consistently taking these multivitamins not only do my hair and nails rock (I have very brittle nails and this almost completely fixes it) but I don’t get sick very easily. It’s amazing. Especially over the last couple of years, I’ve been catching colds and flues just about every couple of months. It’s ridiculous. But since I’ve been taking these every night for the last couple of months the illnesses that I’ve felt coming on haven’t developed into anything. I swear these are magic or something.

The point is, I highly recommend that you find a multivitamin that works for you (obviously I’m a fan of the prenatal and would definitely recommend them). While it’s technically possible to get all the nutrients your body needs through the food you eat (and hopefully you get most of them that way) you most likely aren’t getting everything. The best thing you can do is to take a multivitamin daily to make sure your body is getting everything it needs. It’s a small way that you can continue to take care of your body.

Anyone else celebrating birthdays like crazy lately?

-seriously I have another birthday party this coming Saturday. Woohoo!

How do you carry your keys/phone/iPod/etc when running?

Do you take a multivitamin? Which one do you take?

What’s one of your secrets to staying healthy?

P.S. Today’s workout was a 75 minute yoga class. Tomorrow’s workout forecast shows a run.


9 thoughts on “more celebrations, a new belt, and my secret to good health

  1. I love the prenatal vitamin idea.
    I use an armband ~ but probably because it doesn’t bother me. I put my key behind my IPhone.

  2. I never thought of taking a prenatal vitamin as a regular vitamin before. I take a regular multivitamin now along with vitamin D and calcium. Everything I take is chewable because I can’t stand swallowing pills. The big birthday rush for me is during the span of August to October – almost everyone I know has birthdays then!

  3. I have a sweat band for my wrist that has a little pocket for my key and my license (for when I need ID to check into races). My ipod is a little nano and it clips onto my shirt, but if I use my phone, I have an armband (which I hate) thta it slides into.

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