march madness and a service project

First of all, one of the most wonderful times of the year is upon us. March Madness began today. Luckily, I have two screens so I can easily keep track of my work and the games. My office gets really into March Madness. Definitely one of the best months of the year!


Tonight I got to help put on an activity with the women at my church. We had a service project activity where we got to cut and tie blankets that will be taken to women living on the islands around New Zealand and Australia. We had a great turn out!


Our guest speaker, Shelley Locke, was incredible! She works for the UN and is President of the Heart of the World Foundation that takes humanitarian aid all over the world. The blankets that we put together tonight will be taken to the islands by herself and her group. We got to hear many amazing stories about bringing different supplies in to people all over the world who were in desperate need of them.


It’s crazy to think how something as simple as a blanket has the potential to quite literally save a child’s life. We are so very lucky to live in the situations that we do. I don’t have to worry that I’m not going to have enough to eat, that if I sleep in the dirt I’ll catch a deadly disease, or that someday when I have kids I could lose them to a disease or cold winter. I have it soo good! I love doing service for others. It really puts into perspective how blessed I really, really am.


Putting together the blankets was a lot of fun and also so rewarding. Shelley promised to report back to us about her trip to deliver them. How cool will that be?! Below are some of the 350 blankets we made tonight.


Tonight I just want to focus on gratitude. Gratitude for the great life I have. Gratitude for my healthy body, for my ability to run and for the chance I got to fit in an elliptical workout this morning. Gratitude for my family and friends. Gratitude for this blog and those of you who may read this. I love sharing parts of my life with you. Take some time to be grateful for all you have.*bmz_cache*5*5caa205c416f9ae77fcbae56df5cba15.image.200x160

Are you into March Madness? Who do you have picked to win?

I have Duke set to win. Every year. I know it may not happen but I’m sending positive vibes to them to try to make it happen.

What’s your favorite way to give service?

What are you grateful for today?



7 thoughts on “march madness and a service project

  1. What a beautiful project to be a part of…
    The blankets are easy to make and durable… but they are warm, cozy, and filled with love.
    I’m grateful that it has been a Spring Break where my boys have spent a LOT of time together and have gotten along SO well! I’m also grateful that I got to spend some time with my parents (never long enough!).

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