Health and Fitness Apps

My lovely friend Stephanie (the one whose bridal shower I went to Friday night) requested that I write about my favorite exercise/health/fitness apps and I thought it was a brilliant idea! So if you like these suggestions, you should thank Steph.

Favorite Running App: Map My Run


I used this app when I was training for my half marathon last summer and it was great! I could go online to and find a course for a new distance. Then while I ran, the app would update me every mile and tell me what mile I was at, my pace, my speed and the total time running. It was great! It would give me a good idea of whether I needed to pick up my pace or stay where I was at. Once I had ran a course, it would save it and if I ran the same course again, it would keep track of my fastest time on the course. I definitely  recommend it if you’re looking for an app to track your mileage and pace.

Favorite Workout App: Nike Training Club (NTC)


I LOVE this app!!! Love! I’m going to need to start a bullet list for this one:

  • It tracks the number of minutes of exercise that you’ve completed and tells you how many minutes you need to complete to reach the next reward badge
  • Oh yeah, there are rewards! You’ll unlock badges as you go and from time to the time the badge will also include a bonus workout or sometimes a recipe. Awesome!
  • You get to choose if you want to Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong or Get Focused
  • You then get to choose your level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • It talks to you as you’re going through the workout, telling you what your next action will be, as well as encouraging you and giving you tips
  • If you don’t know how to do a certain move, don’t worry! There are videos you can click on that will show you a woman completing the move!!
  • There are additional bonus workouts that are frequently updated with new workouts
  • It totally works.  If you would like to see what they app helped me accomplish, you can check out it here. I just can’t bring myself to post that picture on the internet again. (I had it on my old blog)

I could seriously go on and on and on about this app. I LOVE it.

Favorite Health App: My Fitness Pal


This app is awesome because it allows you to set a goal for weight loss and then it gives your daily calorie allotment. You then track your calorie intake and also input your exercise. At the end of the day it will tell you how you’re doing. For example, let’s say you’re currently 140 lbs. It might say “If every day were like today, you would weight 132 lbs in 5 weeks”. If you had a bad day it might say you’d weight 142 lbs in 5 weeks. It just gives you a good perspective on how your healthy habits are doing.

I think the reason apps like this are successful is because (at least for me) keeping a diary of what I’m eating and how much I’m exercising mostly helps me to be aware! I’m a lot less likely to eat that cookie if I can see on my app that I only have 400 calories left for the day and still need to eat dinner. Or maybe it encourages me to run an extra mile or two so that I can “afford” that cookie 😉 I think awareness of our eating habits is one of the best ways to become healthier.

What are you thoughts on these apps?

Have you tried any of these apps before?

What are other health/exercise/fitness apps that you would recommend?


9 thoughts on “Health and Fitness Apps

  1. Map My Run got me through all of my Half Marathon training and half of my Marathon training. It’s great for keeping track of things, isn’t it?
    I tried MyFitnessPal, too, and liked it. I didn’t want to keep up with it, but if I had known about it when I started my weight loss journey I would have chosen to use it every day!!

    • Oh nice! Yes I love keep track of things with Map My Run. It is hard to keep up with entering it in sometimes, but I think just using it to kick off better eating habits is great. 🙂

  2. So I just got an iPhone and this is my first experince with such advanced technology (lame I know…haha) but as soon as I started looking into fitness apps, I came straight here to see your recommended apps. I have loved them as well so thank you for sharing this info! It has been much appreciated.

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