a couple of 5ks and a great cause

Yesterday my friend Nan invited me to do the first annual Prey vs. Predator 5K put on by College of Natural Resources. The idea was that you either sign up as a prey or a predator. The prey wear two sets of flag football flags and their goal is to out run the predators. They also get a 1 minute head start. The predators then chase the prey, with the goal to get the most sets of flags, taking only one from each prey at a time.


There was also a costume competition, so there were some pretty funny outfits. Apparently a hot dog is considered prey. Makes sense.


I didn’t do super awesome, but not awful. The course was super uneven (it’s currently under construction) and I’m used to running on even surfaces, so it was a good challenge. I also had the mother of all side aches the ENTIRE time. I’m usually pretty good at getting rid of them but this one did not go away. In fact, the place on my side where it hurts still hurts today! Is that normal??! How do I make it go away?


Next I’d like to highlight an amazing opportunity to run AND contribute to a wonderful  cause! It’s the Crazy Pancreas 5k (with a couple other race lengths available)! This event is  to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Crazy Pancreas was started by Chris’s parents. Chris is a 5-year-old little boy who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was only 2 years old! Here’s a little info on what that means:

Type 1 Diabetes: An autoimmune disease, which means that the body is attacking itself. In this case, the body’s immune system attacks the insulin producing cells in the pancreas. It can affect anyone, of any age and is not brought on by lifestyle (such as Type 2 Diabetes). Those with Type 1 Diabetes have to be very careful to keep their insulin levels healthy by checking their blood sugar levels and taking multiple insulin shots a day. This is something they have to do for the rest of their lives. You can imagine how hard this would be on anyone, let alone a little boy.

So if you live near Inkom, Idaho, sign up for one of these races! Because there is no known cure for this disease, research (funded in part by races such as this one) is that much more important. If you can’t make it but would still like to help, go to their website at http://idahocrazypancreas5k.blogspot.com/ and click on “Donate Now” on the right hand side. 

If you still need more convincing, here is Chris himself with my friend Tyler. (Chris is just too darn cute!)

Have you done any themed 5k’s before?

Do you know anyone (or do you yourself) have Type 1 Diabetes?


7 thoughts on “a couple of 5ks and a great cause

  1. A friend of mine has a son that has Type 1 Diabetes. He is an AMAZING young man (13) who holds a huge garage sale every year (by collecting items from everyone at the church, at school, etc.) and gives all of the money to the cause. He is so enthusiastic ~ helps you unload the car when you bring items, etc. He’s a huge inspiration!
    That themed 5K sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve gotten a side cramp before that I feel the next day when I walk quickly or jog a couple of steps to cross the street. I don’t know if it’s normal (but I hate it!).

    • That is so, so great!People like him just make you want to be such a better person, don’t they? Wow, what an awesome kid!

      Ok I’m glad I’m not the only one! Hopefully it just goes away on its own.

  2. My cousin Mike. My mission comp Slade. My favorite family (at least half) here in tacoma. Diabetes type 1 is scary, because it’s not controllable like type 2.
    Also, I’d totally be prey because I’d need that extra minute.

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