I tried spinning and now I hurt

You guys. I tried spinning for the first time today and whoa. I am SORE. In places where I’ve never been sore before. It’s not a pleasant experience.

I got up for the 6 am spinning class at the gym and got there right as the teacher did. I asked her to help me set up my bike but I have a hunch the seat was a tad bit too high still. The class was really small because I guess it’s Spring Break for all the local school districts. I was a little bit intimidated because everyone else seemed to be seasoned spinners and were spinning really fast. I tried to focus on my own work out but it was hard not to notice those around me sometimes.

The teacher was ok, the music was mediocre and I was uncomfortable a good portion of the time. I kept thinking “I’d much rather be running a half marathon right now”. Which isn’t fair because I love half marathons. It was unfair of me to set such high standards 😉 However, once I got off I had to just stand for a second and make sure my legs could support me. I got quite a workout! I am a big believer in cross training, so I think I’ll definitely be giving spinning another try. Especially since my next two big races are downhill for the most part, I’m going to need strong quads to support my knees. My friend told me I need to try it at least 3-4 times before I decide if I like it or not. So I’m chalking this one up to an ok first experience with the knowledge that I get a killer workout out of it. Pretty good trade-off if you ask me.

I’m hoping to develop an attitude like this little dude:


One thing that saved me as usual? My Twété Bird headband. No hair in this girl’s face! If you haven’t submitted entries for the Twété Bird headband giveaway you need to do so ASAP! Knowing your hair will stay out of your face and your headband will stay…get this…ON YOUR HEAD is wonderful!

Have you ever tried spinning? Do you like it?

Any tips to help this girl do a better job at my next spinning class?

Favorite cross training method?


8 thoughts on “I tried spinning and now I hurt

  1. It seriously kicked my butt BUT I loved it. That type of exhaustion and being sore in weird places is kinda satisfying. But I will admit that I was sore in some places that I’d rather not be sore. I think it takes a while to get used to that darn seat. …I never reached that point before my buddy pass ended. 🙂

  2. DEFINITELY try multiple instructors- and ask around. I usually HATE spinning but I’ll go if I enjoy the instructors style.

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