Wish I had the time!

Thanks for all your feedback on spinning! I’ll definitely give it another go.

I wish I had time to write you all something super special tonight but unfortunately I don’t. I’m about to go sell my soul to the library for the night to study for a nasty physics exam tomorrow. Wish me luck! (you don’t really have to. I always feel weird saying that).

I’ll leave you with this image that I put on my Facebook page. I thought it was wonderful and it’s EXACTLY what I wish I could go do right now. (I missed my workout this morning because I had to be to work at 7.) I just wanted you all to know you’re still loved 🙂


Don’t forget that there are many ways to enter the Twété Bird Headband giveaway DAILY! So excited to give these away on Sunday! The week is going by quick! Don’t miss out!

What did you do to work out today? (so that I can live vicariously through you)

What’s the best thing that happened to you today?


7 thoughts on “Wish I had the time!

  1. Good luck on your exam. I don’t envy your library date. Today consisted of 5 mile run and the best thing that happened today was when I heard my baby boy giggle for the first time. I know… the small things.

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