am I the weird one?

Hello! Hope you’re all having a wonderful Saturday. I know I am!

It started off with a lovely 8.35 mile run. I meant to go a little easier than I did but I ended up doing it in 1:16:37, with an average pace of 9:10 min/mile. I feel really good about that! It was a great run. I always look forward to my long runs so that I have an excuse to wear these babies:


My thighs look abnormally large at this angle haha I’m going to say that they’re just super muscular 😉 Olive to Run is giving some away on her blog but if I tell you to go try to win some it decreases my chances of winning. And obviously I need more of these!

I was concerned about the weather nor cooperating and I thought it might start raining during the last couple of miles. I wasn’t going to let a little rain ruin the run I was determined to go on, so I packed some of these that I figured I could throw my electronics into if it started to rain kinda hard.


Luckily I didn’t have to use them. The weather ended up being great. Overcast, a little chilly and a breeze that didn’t feel like I was fighting the wind. I also saw some Llamas. Yes, llamas. Now, seeing animals isn’t that unusual from where I live but I just was not expecting this.


Something that I really like to do when I’m running is say hello to other people who are out running, walking, biking, whatever! It’s like suddenly you’re in this community and you just get each other. The verbal “good morning” or the head nod or just a smile. It’s so encouraging and I love it. However today, I only got maybe 30% of the people I saw to even look me in the eye as we ran past each other. What is up with that?! Am I just a weirdo who creepily waves and smiles at strangers? Maybe they were all just super focused on their workouts and didn’t notice. That’s fine. I can appreciate that. But seriously, it’s not that hard. Anyway, that’s my little soap box for today. Just know that if I run past you I will be trying to make eye contact so that I can smile or say hi. I think it’s fun.

What have you done to be active today?

Have you seen anything surprising today?

Do you smile/wave/say hello to people when you’re out on a workout?

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15 thoughts on “am I the weird one?

  1. I always say hi! Nothing worse than a smile or wave completely ignored by other runner/walkers!

    Love your socks! I have the pink and just ordered purple. I am considering ordering the calf sleeves, too!

  2. Unless I’m pushing too hard to notice anything I say hi or make eye contact. People always say northerners aren’t nice, but more people would say hi or wave when I ran along the West Side Highway than they do here in Birmingham.

    Weirdest thing I witnessed today: a woman trying to calm her crazy twins down inBanana Republic opened her wallet and handed them credit cards to play with. I’m not sure what that says about her. It was strange.

    • I love that! There was a student I had once that I worked on all year using the “kill em with a smile and with kindness” attitude. It was an uphill battle, but I do think that it eventually worked. We liked each other by the end of the year (I always choose to like my students right away ~ finding something (anything) that’s positive ~ but I think she actually liked me, too!).

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