delicious breakfast and born to run

My roommate and I decided that this special Sunday required a most delicious breakfast. Luckily, I had been thinking about Sunday morning breakfast for a few days (Yeah, sometimes I get excited about food and plan wwaaayyy ahead) so yesterday when she asked me “Should we make something special for breakfast tomorrow?” I said “Yes! I was thinking we could have french toast, eggs, and sausages!” (aka my favorite breakfast ever) The planning continued and we made some adjustments since my roommate is vegetarian and by the time we got home from the store we had the supplies to make Kneaders French Toast (including their caramel syrup! we used this recipe), hash browns, sausages (for me!), strawberries and these packets to make Jambas. You guys, why didn’t anyone tell me these exist! It was only $2!


Here is the final product. Yes we do have a real table. It just didn’t make it into this picture haha


My roommate Instagrammed this next picture. It looked awesome so I just had to share it with you. She’s better at the whipped cream can than I am.


Yummmyyy!!! So happy about this decision 🙂

I found this on Pinterest this week and I absolutely love it. This is how I personally feel about running. I’ve never been that good at team sports, I was mediocre at the violin, I can’t sing very well, I’m not crafty, was a good student but not the best, I could go on…but running is the one thing that I really, truly feel like I was born to do! Not that it’s easy or that I’m super fast or anything. But I think this is when I feel the most ME!


Maybe there are other things I haven’t tried yet that I was born to do…but for now that description fits running. I love it.

What is your favorite breakfast??

Favorite thing about Sundays?

What were you born to do?

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10 thoughts on “delicious breakfast and born to run

  1. Every Saturday, we do waffles…and if we plan ahead well enough, we add bacon. Your special breakfast looks awesome!

    I hate Sundays all around, though. It’s the last minute grades-lesson plans-laundry-grocery shopping day for me.

    I love that quote. I was definitely born to run.

  2. Wow! Your breakfast looks amazing! I don’t think we even ate breakfast yesterday… Sunday fail on our part. Also, to your post yesterday about saying hi when you run. A huge fan of greetings. I also agree that only 30% of people say back. It’s ashame.

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