Good news and bad news

It’s the same news but depending on who you are it may or may not be good. I didn’t hear from one of my winners so the new 3rd winner of the Twété Bird Headband Giveaway is….

Dawn Rushing!: Posted on Facebook

Congrats Dawn! Email me at and we’ll get you that headband 🙂

Ok, let’s be honest, yesterday’s post wasn’t titled “Crazy Day” for nothing! I didn’t end up making to the gym, but I did get all of my laundry put away and my room cleaned up a little. So I think that definitely counts for something 🙂


I was able to get to bed much earlier last night than the night before, so I got up early to head to the gym. I love the gym in the early morning. Most of the people there are there only for themselves. None of the tools strutting around, no high schoolers being silly and dumb, no girls pretending to work out but not even breaking a sweat…just people who are honest to goodness trying to have more fit, healthier lives. Plus it’s nowhere near as crowded. It’s the best.


I’m still so excited about yesterday’s Twitter Chat (#blogsmarter), but I know that everyone wasn’t able to make it, so I want to offer you the chance to answer these questions for yourself! I would love to read your thoughts on these! If you were at the Twitter Chat, feel free to share any answers to these that you particularly loved!

Q1: What do you think makes an effective and successful blog post?

Q2: What do you think are the biggest mistakes people make when blogging? How can we be sure to avoid them?

Q3: What do you think is the best ways to gain more readers and followers?

Q4: Do you work w/ brands on your blog? What tips do you have for successfully working w/ brands & companies? (this is one I would love more advice on because I have very, very little experience with it)

Q5: How do you juggle blogging w/ the other priorities in your life? What tips do you have for time management?

I know the ladies are also looking for topics to discuss at the next #blogsmarter Twitter Chat, so please comment any ideas for other questions to cover.

Update: You will be able to find a recap at Olivetorun, The Lean Green Bean, rUnladylike, andMy Neon Running Shoes.

Can’t wait to get into this discussion again. 🙂 Hope you’re having a terrific Thursday!


8 thoughts on “Good news and bad news

  1. I was bummed I couldn’t make the Twitter chat last night!!!
    And yay for sleep girl!! Some days you just need to say “no” to a workout and sleeeeep! And the good news it makes you even more excited for your next workout : )

  2. I was at the Twitter chat last night! I feel like I learned a lot. After it was over, I fixed the comments section on my Blogger blog because of the discussion! So much fun to “meet” everyone!

  3. I found out about the tweet-chat through your blog, and I feel like it was really fortuitous timing, since I’m a new follower! I found everything super helpful, but the best part way feeling like part of this great community of bloggers!

    • You’re so welcome! Make sure you check out the other girls’ blogs for a full recap tomorrow. I’m still pretty new to this too, so I loved all the advice. We’ll just all learn together 🙂

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