under construction and overall wellness

As you may be noticing right about now, See This Girl Run is getting a make over. It’s not quite done yet, so please don’t judge too harshly. A good friend of mine who is a graphic design major is helping redesign some things. So stay tuned for updates and more cute-ification!

If there is anything I learned during my undergraduate years is how to BS a paper like nobody’s business. I just whipped up a 3.25 page paper in about an hour. Not too shabby, especially since I had to research a tiny bit. Boom baby!

A couple of days ago, my friend Lori asked if I wanted to meet her for 6 AM zumba. Um, yeah I did! So we totally got our early morning zumba on. Nothing like dancing and shaking your booty to get you awake and ready to take on the new day! This was a new teacher that I hadn’t tried yet and I loved her! I can already tell I’m going to be sore. I totally love it. See how excited I am 😉 I know that this super cute picture of me is exactly what you wanted to see today. You’re welcome.

zumba face

As I was driving home, there was the prettiest sunrise reflecting onto the western mountains. I just had to take a picture to show you guys. Sorry it’s not the best picture but just focus on the pretty colors! I love that it’s getting lighter, earlier. I just keep thinking that in a few short weeks, it will be light enough at 6 am for me to go running outside. Can’t wait! That’s definitely one of my favorite parts of summer!


Right now I am taking an Abnormal Psychology class, which I almost took a couple of times as an undergrad, but never got around to it. Now that I’m in it, I think it is so interesting. It’s also had me thinking about how heath and wellness incorporates so much more than physical fitness. I know that sounds like “Duh, Alyssa!” but you have to understand, I spent 4 years just studying the body from a physiological point of view. I did get to take Stress Management one semester, but other than that it was things like Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Physiology, Anatomy, and Exercise Physiology. This semester, I’ve been able to focus so much on the psychological side of health. This, along with reading posts like Elizabeth’s at My Neon Running Shoes about her fight with an eating disorder, have made me want to make sure I am focusing in on all aspects of health and wellness. You ready for this list?

  • Fitness 
  • Eating well
  • Getting enough sleep (for me, no less than 6.5 hours MINIMUM!)
  • Stress Management (huge for me. I am a very high stress individual, plus my doctors have me monitoring my blood pressure right now. Sometimes it’s on the high side. oops)
  • Spiritual (very important to me!)
  • Continuing to better my own body image. Working on it!
  • Balance. I just think balance and moderation are key to having a healthy, fulfilling life.

I would love to hear what you do to improve any of these areas of wellness! You pick one, two or all. The more the merrier! I think one huge plus to blogging is being able to share knowledge and experiences with each other. So please, share away! I will be discussing these different areas throughout the next few weeks and I would love your input 🙂

TGIF Everyone! TGI freaking F.


9 thoughts on “under construction and overall wellness

  1. I think I’d be willing to wake up that early if I had views like tht where I live. Although I’ll go to zumba at anytime… For me it’s a balancing act of all those things. Once one falls short, I have to work extra hard to stay on track. It’s easier to just make sure I’m doing them all or I’m learning that I will pay for it later.

  2. Sleep is definitely a necessity for me. I feel sluggish/unmotivated when I don’t sleep enough and my workouts are the worst. I am spiritual (not religious), but my spirituality and my connection with nature helps me to really enjoy those runs in gorgeous sceneries or when the sun is rising/setting. I think that is incredibly important because not only am I nourishing my body during those runs, I’m also nourishing my soul (is that lame?)

  3. Isn’t it sad that the point of higher education is to teach us, but really it just makes us REALLY good at doing minimal work for maximum results? lol…I’m a TEACHER and I STILL think 90% of what I learned in school falls into the “how to BS” category.

    As far as wellness, I’m going to be stalking the answers you get. I’m one of those people who could sleep 12 hours if I had the chance. There’s no such thing as enough sleep for me. As far as the body image thing, I’ve found the more consistent I am with working out, having time with friends, and generally enjoying myself, the more I love my body. It’s a weird result of being social lol.

    • It is! I wish I had had a better attitude throughout college of what the point of being there really is. But I did gain skills, knowledge and experience so I guess it still turned out ok 😉

      That’s awesome! Isn’t it funny how our perception of ourselves can change based on what we’re focusing our attention on? Love it.

  4. I’m wondering what your undergrad major was (I could go poke around and find out… I’ll probably do that!) because my husband (athletic trainer) had to take those courses!
    Anyway, that picture of you IS CUTE, darnit!
    Body Image ~ When I got married our pastor said we might not always feel like we love one another but we have to act like we do. Love is a choice. That’s my take on body image right now (I might blog about that sometime) When I ACT in a loving way to my body (and this has been true many times in my life) I end up FEELING more love for my body. Does that make sense?

    • My degree is Exercise Science, which can totally lead into Athletic Training! How cool! That’s awesome. and you’re too sweet! haha Thank you 🙂

      Oh I love that! Seriously, I completely agree that love is a choice but I’ve never thought of applying it to body image. Please do write a post on it! Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for sharing!

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