The Big 5-0

This weekend I got to go home and spend Saturday with my family to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday! Woohoo! My dad isn’t too big on birthdays, which is too bad, because the rest of us in the family are obsessed with them. He told my mom no signs, so she got a balloon and decorated the table haha



We started the festivities off with going to a Mexican food restaurant. I got the fajitas and they were pretty good! I got so full on chips and salsa before my food even got there that I got to take most of this home for left overs. Bonus!


We then came home for cake and presents!!! Best part of birthdays obviously! This picture of him is a little bit deceptive because he was actually making grumpy faces most of the time we were singing (ahem..screeching…we’re not the best singers) “Happy Birthday”. This was just a lucky time to take a picture!


We had a vanilla and a chocolate cake! I mean, why have only one cake when you can have two?! They were so good!


After cake and presents my mom went to run some errands and take my sister to work and while she was gone my dad said “What should we do now?” and I said “We should go shooting”. I didn’t think he would take me seriously but he totally did. So my dad called my mom and he and my brother and I met her at the shooting range. Unfortunately, it was closing in 20 minutes so we didn’t get to shoot for very long but it was so fun! It was my first time ever and I didn’t do too bad! Watch out! Don’t make me mad! 😉 (um, totally kidding…but I was ok for my first time. My dad said so. He’s always right.)


My mom and I looked pretty cute with our eyes and ears all covered up haha! That’s my brother in the background. And yes, my sister was probably super upset she missed out. I have a sneaking suspicion should would be really good and make me look bad though, so it’s probably good she wasn’t there.


I came back home just in time to go bowling with some friends. The lane kept breaking down, so we made them give us vouchers for a free game (we actually wanted a refund, but the voucher is all we could get) and went to go see “42”. Have you heard of it? It’s the Jackie Robinson movie. SOOOOOO DANG GOOD! Holy smokes! I am not a baseball fan (I did know who Jackie Robinson was before the movie though, so that’s a plus) but I was blown away. Made me almost want to start watching baseball. Almost. I highly recommend it!!!

All in all, it was a great weekend. Hope you all had a great weekend too! Happy 5oth Dad!!!


Are birthdays a big deal in your family?

Have you seen “42”??? Are you a baseball fan? Are you American?! Go see it!

Happy Monday to you all!


6 thoughts on “The Big 5-0

  1. Awww what a fun weekend! Birthdays aren’t big in my family but we definitely celebrate. Two cakes though, now THAT is doing it right!

  2. I love birthdays, but they’re not really too big in my family unless they’re like “milestone’ birthdays. My mom flew in and surprised me for my 21st birthday and she’s throwing a surprise party for my dad’s 60th and brother’s 30th this July, but that’s about it!

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