amazing dessert and body image (yup, in the same post)

As my mind still reels from the events of yesterday, I am brought to tears by things like this:

I am so amazed by the love and generosity of human kind. With all that is so very awful in the world, I believe there is unmatched goodness to counter it. These people are proof of that to me.

Today my run was dedicated to those who were hurt, killed, or otherwise affected by the tragedy at the Boston Marathon yesterday. I did a Β 3.5 mile run as my current training schedule dictates. I’m so happy to be able to run. So very, very happy. I appreciate it now, more than ever. This morning I wore my race shirt from my first half in honor of yesterday.


I don’t want my blog to stay thisΒ solemn, serious blog. It has to break out of this mood sometime and I believe that continuing on with life is a wonderful way to honor the victims. So while I don’t want to be insensitive and I will probably still mention this tragedy in future posts, for now I want to lighten the mood.

I forgot to show you the dessert I had on Sunday. My roommate and her mom made them and whoa. They were amazing! This was definitely a Pinterest success! There were 3 different versions of the strawberries. Cheesecake filled strawberries (pictured below). Chocolate filled strawberries. Cheesecake filled strawberries sitting in chocolate. Um, yeah. The third one was definitely the best.


A couple of posts ago, I asked what you do to increase your overall wellness! I only got a few responses (ahem. I can see how many of you are reading. Comment people! Participate!) πŸ™‚ but I definitely wanted to share them with you! We’ll take it in topics though.

Wellness Factor #1: Body Image


Ali said: “As far as the body image thing, I’ve found the more consistent I am with working out, having time with friends, and generally enjoying myself, the more I love my body. It’s a weird result of being social lol.”

I have to admit something to you guys. I’m an introvert. It’s not that I’m shy, it’s that people exhaust me! (you would laugh if you knew my current line of work haha) Therefore, being social isn’t exactly what I’m best at. But I love the idea that if you are putting your focus on other things that matter more (like the things Ali listed), your body image won’t be where you’re placing your attentions. I agree that if you’re learning to love yourself in general, love of your body goes right along with that.

I don’t even know how many posts I have read on this topic, but I know it’s very important. It’s something most of us struggle with (if you say you’ve never disliked something about your body…well I’ll think you’re lying) and it’s such a crucial part of being healthy that we can’t emphasize it enough! Love your body! Love it for what it can do and for what it can become with a little work. Love it for where it is right now. Love the fact that you have it. Your very own body!! If I could go on for hours and tell you all of the AMAZING things the human body is capable of and does on its own, I would. It would knock your socks off. Our bodies are incredible and we shouldn’t do them (or ourselves) the disservice of doing anything but thinking our bodies are the best thing since sliced bread. Probably since before sliced bread too.

As I was getting ready for bed, I found this campaign by Dove. I thought it was perfect for this post. Enjoy!

What do you do to build up your own body image?

What’s the best dessert you’ve had lately?

Did you get to “run for Boston” today? If you haven’t yet, I strongly encourage you to. Any distance. Any time. Just do it.


28 thoughts on “amazing dessert and body image (yup, in the same post)

  1. My belly area is my enemy most days. Some days, I can spend hours scrutinizing it. But then I realize, it may have this little bit of extra fat on it, but it looks strong and healthy. I don’t look overweight by any means. I look strong. I look healthy. I look like I work out. Then I find something on my body that I always like, my legs. I admire how strong my legs are and how they can take me so many miles without stopping and that is a feat in itself. I know it’s selfish, but I have to find a way to find the good in what I have and love what I have. I’m a healthy young woman, happy to be alive, have no health problems, so why am I complaining??

    I ran for Boston today. No idea how far or how fast, but I chose to do it without music and without GPS. I connected with nature…and the construction workers who were catcalling me, but most of all, I used the events yesterday to push through.

    • That’s exactly my train of thought too! It’s nice to be able to focus on our strengths.
      haha I don’t like the catcalling but I’m so glad you were able to have a good run! You’re awesome!

  2. Wow, I feel kind of honored to be mentioned here :o) I am SUCH an introvert!! Especially when it comes to new people…maybe that’s why I like blogging lol. But yes, you summed up my point so well. Focus on what matters, and self-love follows.

    I think you did a lovely job transitioning from the somber mood. Thank you for this.

    • Thank you for letting me quote you πŸ˜‰ I agree, I think that’s why I like blogging. It’s not quite as intimidating as in person meeting haha and thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  3. To build up my body image I really enjoy praying and reading scripture. Just reminding myself that my body was made by God and that I was created in His image makes me feel better about my body. This also makes me realize that I should never be too hard on one of God’s creations!

    • I love, love this! I truly believe we’re are God’s most precious creations. Who are we to feel down on something He is proud of and loves so much?! Thank you for the lovely reminder πŸ™‚

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  5. I had to take a rest day yesterday b/c of my knee… but I am going to dedicate my run tomorrow to Boston. I am still in shock over how people can be so cruel.

    Oh body image…April has been a rough month. I am currently obsessing over my little pouch. I guess it is getting close to summer. I am hoping to amp up my cardio so I can feel a little more in control of everything!!

  6. Body image is a tough thing… I always felt awkward (6’0, big feet… you’ve seen us on the street) but it was never a super strong feeling. It was more of a subtle thing. To be honest, there are parts of my body that I’d love to be different and that I’m not satisfied with at all. As I’m getting older, though, those feelings are becoming more subtle and less strong. I’m finding that with living a healthier life my focus is on all kinds of healthy, positive things and that’s been a huge help.

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