a birthday, a final and happy things

Just to warn you, the next week or so may be touch and go with posts. Work is insanely busy, the semester is coming to a close and I have a huge project to turn in to print for work by Tuesday. Soooo….don’t feel too bad if I miss a day or two ok? I promise I’m still thinking of you guys! I am also going to continue the wellness discussions from last week, next week so stay tuned!

I missed my speed workout yesterday so I decided to do it today. I did 7 x 400 starting at a 8:30 pace, working my way up to 8:00 for the last one, with a 1 minute recovery in between each one.

Tuesday was my roommate’s birthday and some neighbors threw her a little get together. It was a good time!


We just couldn’t resist the opportunity to all sit on each others’Β laps at the same time.


Then yesterday we went for Indian food to keep the celebration going! I got chicken coconut kurma. It’s my favorite. Shelly got Saag Aloof (something like that…it had a ton of spinach. so good!)


My staff has been going through a weekly training class and they have quizzes every week. Yesterday was the final class, with the final test. I was being a creepy boss and took a picture of them while they tested. Can’t believe the training season is over!


The first two boys there are trying to write with their non dominant hand (left hand in their cases). They gave up after a couple of pages of short answer questions. haha! I feel bad for those who have to grade their left hand handwriting πŸ™‚

As I mentioned above, work has been crazy and the other day there was a mishap (that word doesn’t even come close to describing the event) that just pushed my stress levels higher than they’d been in a while. Then yesterday morning I was on Facebook and a friend of mine had posted a link to this website:

The 30 Happiest Facts of All Time

If you follow me on Facebook (ahem. you totally should), then you’ve already seen this. But there’s no harm in viewing it twice! By the time I got to the end, I was smiling more and it completely brightened my day! From then on out, everything seemed so much more manageable. Amazing how just a change in attitude can do that πŸ™‚

Do you like Indian food? What’s your favorite dish?

Which hand is your dominant hand? Can you use both?

What has made you smile lately?


17 thoughts on “a birthday, a final and happy things

  1. I love Buzzfeed.
    My dominant hand is my right but since I’ve become a teacher I think I’m good at multitasking with both… I can even read and write upside now. πŸ˜‰

  2. goodness i LOVE Indian food. now i want to go get some immediately. all the flavors are just perfectly on point. good job being a creepy boss! it’s all in good blogger fashion!

  3. My right hand is my dominant hand…I can do approximately zero things with my left hand…although I’m really good at catching things with my left hand? Being at Island Dolphin Care has made me smile..and I’ve only been here for two hours πŸ˜€ Its my favorite place in the world.

  4. We will miss youu!! Ha but probably a good idea to take a break from posting for a while with all you have to do… I will be doing the same seeing as finals is next week ((meaning a truly awful weekend))

    -yes I love Indian food (all exotic food really) and any dish that is spicy. So all dishes…
    -I am right handed
    -I smiled just now as my friend gave my extremely extremely tight neck and shoulders a massage….. ahhh felt soo good….

    Have a good rest of your day!!! πŸ™‚

  5. What made me smile today was my students. Even when they’re driving me insane, they’re brightening my day. Case in point, today they all commented on how much they loved my compression socks, even though they totally clashed with my outfit lol.

  6. This is totally off topic, but I noticed on your blog you are going to be running your 1st full marathon and was wondering how you are training for it(any specific plans) and what made you decide to train for one? In the last couple weeks I have been seriously considering it, but I don’t know if I would be able to build up to it.

    • I’m taking it in baby steps. I have a half in June, so I’m focusing on that first and using the Hal Higdon Intermediate Half training plan (you can find it on halhigdon.com). After that I am going to use of his marathon training plans. When I did my first two halfs I thought I would never want to run a full. Then for my third one, I decided to do it so spur of the moment that I only had 3 weeks to train for it when I hadn’t been running in months. I was able to do it (and hit a time right between my first time and my PR) and realized “wow. That wasn’t too bad. I can do this!”. I decided it was time to push my body again and signed up for a full! It’s a good thing I did it when all the endorphins were course through my veins because I don’t know if I still would have haha I’m really excited for it though! If you want to do it, just go for it! Definitely check out Hal Higdon’s website because he has plans for all experience levels. I know you could do it πŸ™‚

  7. I have never tried Indian food 😦 I want to though! I am right hand dominant, but when I was in gymnastics I was left side dominant. Weird right? My little guy makes me smile all the time. I am also pretty happy about my 10 miler I did Sunday without any back aches…just a little hip soreness.

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