belated easter scavenger hunt

My first run with my purple Garmin required matching my compression socks to it. My run was great! I ran harder than I probably should have done, but I felt great and ended  up doing 8 miles with an 8:52 average. Pretty happy about it. I see this Garmin helping me do great things 🙂


Saturday was super fun and filled with family from both sides. My maternal grandparents got home from a two year church service mission to Argentina. I wasn’t able to be at the airport to greet them but I did meet up with the family at my uncle and aunt’s for a late lunch. Unfortunately, by the time I got there I was super hangry (sorry about that, family!) so I didn’t get any pictures because I was too anxious to eat!

Next stop was my dad’s side of the family for a belated Easter scavenger hunt that my grandparents put on every year. It’s super intense! You’ll see what I mean in a second. Luckily, I’m the oldest grandkid, so I still get to participate. Who knows how much longer that will be allowed, so I’m milking it for all it’s worth! Now for the pictures. Hold on to your seat. There’s quite a few:

This cutie knows I won’t tell her no for a piggy back ride.


Here’s how intense the scavenger hunt is. Besides the awesome number of prizes we’re looking for, it’s been personalized on age and gender. My grandparents go all out!


Some views of the older kids side of the scavenger hunt



The little kids’ scavenger hunt is going on up there:


This was the prize table we got to pick from on top of all the prizes we already got!


Some of the cutest girl cousins around! Wish we could have gotten a picture with all of the cousins! We were almost all there!


I just had to show you the view from my grandparents’ back yard. It’s gorgeous! Plus it was a beautiful day on top of it.


After the hunt we had burgers, hot dogs, chips, treats, and even s’mores were going on (although I totally forgot about them until I had already eaten too much…rookie mistake)


Yummy burger, chips and 7 layer dip (aka the key to my heart)


My cute cousin, Becca, that I am lucky enough to live close to and see all the time. It’s the best!


Where do you fall in the order of grandkids? oldest on both sides. I love having lots of little cousins. My youngest one just turned 1! So cute!

Which holidays do your families go all out for?

What did you do over the weekend?


18 thoughts on “belated easter scavenger hunt

  1. Belated Easter! Genius! Cheap candy too 😉 I’m really sad. I lost one of my purple compression socks so we can’t be twins until I find it. I’m coming to your house next year for this event. I want candy, s’mores, and burgers too!

  2. What stunning pictures! Omgosh I am loving the views – jealous! Hooray for Garmin helping you do some good stuff in your runs. It’s the best device everrrrrrrrr.

  3. I’m the third oldest on my mom’s side (I got beat out for second by 8 days!) and I am the 4th youngest (I think) on my dad’s side. My mom is a Halloween fiend, so Halloween in our house is always fun, even though none of us go trick or treating anymore.

    This weekend, I swam with dolphins, did grocery shopping, taught some outdoor programs, went out (per usual) and slept. It was a nice weekend 😀

  4. jealous of the view! beautiful! that is one elaborate scavenger hunt! on my mom’s side I am the oldest grandkid, and my son is the only great-grandkid. on my dad’s side i am 5th oldest. love the matching garmin and socks!!

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