HP Summer Extravaganza

My coworker has another position in our building also and in her new office she found these stuffed animals, left unclaimed by the last tenant. She had no use for them, so I took them to my friend’s because she has a little boy and will soon have a little girl. But they did get to hang out in my office for a few hours. I named them Moose and Puppy. I’m super creative.


I wanted you to get a feel for how big these stuffed animals really are, so I took a picture with them. It was actually pretty difficult to hold them both AND take the picture. A lot harder than it looks.


This post is about to nerd out like I’ve never nerded out on this blog before. Hopefully, you can relate.

My friend Deborah loves Harry Potter. LOVES! I don’t love it quite as much as she does, but I still love it a lot, so when she suggested having a weekly Harry Potter party to watch the movies (one each week), I was reminded why we’re best friends. Best. Idea. EVER!

Last night was the first night and we started off the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Do you remember what year that movie was released? 2001! Holy cow! I grew up with the awesome experience of being as old as Harry, Ron and Hermoine were in the books, so I was just a year older than him with the movies. This might sound super nerdy (I’m beyond caring about being judged) but I really felt like they were my friends! They were a big part of my childhood and my growing up years! Anyway, the movie night was a success!

Some of us dressed up. I’m a Gryffindor, so I made Teddi (who was also dressed as a Gryffindor, although she has not yet been sorted on Pottermore) take a picture with me. HP parties are about all graduation robes are good for after the actual graduation.


We also had HP themed treats. One thing you can’t see is the Butterbeer. Whoa. It was really sweet and rich. Almost too much. Plus it’s the most carbonation I’ve had in REALLY long time. Bad Alyssa!


It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to keep doing this every week for the next 7 weeks til we finish all the movies!

Another goal I have this summer with my friend Nan is to acquire all the seasons of Friends and watch them in order from start to finish. I have done this a couple of times already, but seriously that is my all time favorite show. I’ll never get sick of it.

Admit it, are you a Harry Potter fan?

Have you been sorted on Pottermore? What house are you in??

If you’re not a HP fan, what do you nerd out about?


some spring cleaning

How did the positive challenge go for you yesterday? I have to admit, it totally worked for me! I was in such a good mood for the majority of the day and was able to get so much done at work. It was great. Crazy how just changing your attitude can do so much.

My drawers have been driving me crazy lately, so I finally emptied them in an attempt to reorganize them, starting with my workout clothes drawer. I still can’t decide if it was a good or a bad idea. I think mostly good. The idea was that I get rid of the clothes I don’t use but what I discovered is that I don’t have a whole lot to get rid of. (or at least not a lot I’m willing to get rid of yet). Also, I have a lot more work out clothes than I thought I did! (note: that was not a complaint)


It all turned out great though because now my drawers are nice and organized and I have now started a cleaning out process, which I really do desperately need to do. It will be good for me!

So I think I may have an obsession. I bought two more pairs of ProCompression socks. I couldn’t help myself!! Look how cute they are! Plus they totally work! Plus plus they were 40% off. Plus plus plus I got free shipping! How was I supposed to turn that down? (I have two more pairs than are pictured below but these are just my marathon socks)


I have a confession. I suffer from chaffing. It’s a serious problem, to the point of bleeding. Yeah, not pretty. (maybe TMI but I figure we’re all friends here) So today when I had a spare minute I ran to the sporting goods store and picked up some Body Glide. I’m so excited to try it out. *Update: seems to have worked great. Hallelujah!!


Are your drawers organized or messy?

What exercise gear are you obsessed with?

What do you use to prevent chaffing? 

Have a happy Thursday! Weekend is almost here!

a positive challenge

Even though some of the people around me lately may  not believe it, I have been trying to be positive lately. I’ve always been told by people how positive I am, but I never believed it. I really don’t think I’m that positive of a person. I think I’m whiny, cynical and sarcastic. But whatever. If people want to see me as positive, I will take it!

Lately it’s been hard to hide the whiny, cynical, sarcastic side of me. So I tell myself “Be grateful! Life is good! You should be more patient. Be thankful. Positive attitude!” (am I the only one who pep talks themselves?) Then I run into things like this and they make me feel a lot better.





If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, I think you know I get overwhelmed easily. That’s why it’s good for me to really stop and think about everything I’m grateful for in my life:

  • Family – immediate and extended
  • Amazing friends
  • Great coworkers that I care about
  • A good job where I am valued
  • A happy home with great roommates
  • My car starts and gets good gas mileage. And it’s from 1994. That’s a miracle.
  • The ability to run and enjoy it! So many people don’t like it and it breaks my heart!
  • Access to good food
  • A healthy body
  • Oh and of course the best blog friends 🙂

I could go on and on but really I don’t think you need to read all of it. Or want to! But I do want to offer up a challenge. Let’s go through today with the goal to be positive. For every negative thought, think of something good. We’ll all do it together! Ready…..Go!

What are you grateful for today?

Tell me something positive!

Also, I forgot to ask yesterday, who watched Bachelorette?? Who is your favorite so far?! (guy with the kid)

my mom gets me

I’m really awful at wearing my retainer but I could feel that my teeth has moved a little, so I’ve been wearing my retainer recently. ouch! Taking that thing out of my mouth every morning is so painful! I need to wear it more consistently. Better to wear the retainer now, than to have braces again!

Less than 3 weeks until my next half and my run yesterday was not so great. I am just not into my groove lately! Today is a strength and stretching day, so that will be a nice change. I love following a training plan so that it just tells me what I should do every day 🙂

One of my favorite things about having this blog, is that now friends, family, coworkers, etc will message me, FB me, tell me in person about how they’ve been running lately. Or if they go on a run or sign up for a race, I get specifically told about it. I seriously love it!! Sometimes I even end up thinking “man, you’ve run more than I have this week. I should step it up”. But I just love that my friends and family are finding time for running and that they want to share that with me! It makes me so happy! Happy! Happy!

Another result of having started this blog is that my mom now likes to post pictures and quotes that she sees about running to my Facebook. Which of course I also love that she does that. So here are some of the ones she has shared with me that I am now sharing with you!



This first one always makes me feel so guilty! It’s so true!



I’m so glad my mom gets me 🙂

Today it’s back to the normal work week! Except now it’s only 4 days long. Woohoo! Next week begins the busiest month in my office, so this week will be crucial “get stuff done” time. So of course I thought running a half during that month and then beginning training for a full would be a good idea. I really am so smart 😉

Did you have braces? Are you good about wearing your retainer?

When is your next race? 

Do you have a favorite running quote or picture?? Share it here or on See This Girl Run‘s Facebook page!

prettiest hike and good-bye

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!! So grateful for this country, those who have and do fight for it and for a day to remember those who have gone before us.

Weekend catch up #2 (click here to see the #1 on Stephanie and Greg’s wedding celebrations!)

Because I was in town for all the wedding festivities, I was able to stay with my parents for a couple of days. Saturday morning we got up and went for a hike. It was super gorgeous. Take a look:




Panoramic of the whole Salt Lake valley. So pretty!




We found cougar tracks. Yikes! Also, I am not one of those girls with cute, little, dainty hands.


Saturday night we got together for one last good-bye dinner before Desiree goes to Arizona for PA school! We ate at Zupas and then had froyo. It was basically my dream meal.


Good luck Desi!!! You’ll be so great! Plus we all know we’ll be coming for a visit to sunny Arizona! 🙂


Speaking of people named Desiree, who is excited for Bachelorette to start tonight?!?!!! Des was my favorite from the Bachelor, plus I like Bachelorette so much more than Bachelor (um, the girls make smarter decisions, there isn’t tons of dumb girl drama and 25 men? yes) so I’m super excited!

Anyone else like hiking? Do you like somewhere with good hiking?

Do you do anything special for Memorial Day?

Who is excited for Desiree and the Bachelorette??!!!

Congrats Steph and Greg!

My beautiful friend Stephanie got married yesterday and all the festivities are what have been keeping me busy. Let me catch you up.

Wednesday night: We had her Bachelorette party, which included Olive Garden, followed by a pole dancing class. It was super fun and we were all super sore for a couple of days. What a workout!

Thursday: Steph and Greg invited me to their wedding dinner and I was so happy to attend! The dinner was held at a this pretty building.


The food was delicious!


The company was the best!!


and the bride to be was beautiful!! She even had the wind-blown hair thing going on.


Friday: Wedding day!!! The ceremony was beautiful and the day could not have been more gorgeous! From here on out, there will mostly just be pictures.




Cheesecake Factory Peanut butter Cheesecake. In case you were wondering…




Congratulations Stephanie and Greg! Love you both so much and loved being part of your special day! 

Have you been to any weddings recently?

What was your wedding like/what would your future wedding to be like?

Look alikes and I’m one of THOSE kids

First of all, thank you so much to everyone for their shin splint advice! I ran a shorter run than I was supposed to yesterday, but I think moving helped it, especially since I didn’t push it very hard. Hopefully it keeps up the speedy recovery!

During the last winter Olympic games, I was told I looked a lot like Aly Raismen, of the USA gymnastics “Fab Five”. Since they were pretty cool (and she spelled “Aly” the way I do), I definitely took it as a compliment. Now that she’s been on Dancing with the Stars this season, I’ve been getting that comment again. So I thought I’d ask you guys. What do you think? Do we look alike?


Yesterday I got a Blue Box that I got for free with a complimentary code I found on another blog. I REALLY wish I could remember whose blog it was, so if it was you please speak up so I can acknowledge it!


Now, I know that the only other “box” I have to compare it to is my Stride Box from this month, but holy cow. There’s nothing in it! My Blue Box was jam-packed with samples for me to try and I felt like my money was more than well spent just by glancing at it all. This view, however, made me glad I got this for free. I haven’t tried any of the products yet, so it’s possible that I could be blown away by the products and sign up to continue receiving them! However, as far as I can tell just by looks (first impressions really are so important), I don’t know that will be happening. I’m still really glad I’m giving it a shot! I’m excited to try out the products!

Growing up I was always grossed out by the kids that would pick their scabs. How gross is it to pick those off and then have the sore bleed again?! But now as my wounds (maybe a little dramatic wording) from falling on Mother’s Day are healing, I am having the hardest time not helping my body get rid of those scabs a little quicker. I mean, I feel like I’m just helping the process. 😉 But now I’m THAT kid! Gross! Don’t worry though. I don’t force them off so early they bleed. That’s just silly.

Today is a 40 minute progression run. I’m really loving my speed workouts, so I’m hoping my shins feel good enough to let me do the whole work out the way I want to. We shall see!

So be honest, do you think Aly and I look alike?

Have you ever received the Blue Box? Do you like them?

Are you/were you a scab picker?