In May I’m looking forward to…

If you’ve ever created a better jumping picture (minus whatever the heck is going on with my face), I want to see it! Please note that we are all different standing heights (between 5’3″ and 5’10”) but our jump height is almost exactly the same. Also it looks like we planned what to do with our hands. But we did not. Yeah, I know. We’re just good at this.

524799_379755712135684_1458452082_n (1)

Here are some things I’m excited for in the coming week/month:

  • Staff retreat Thursday-Saturday
  • Going home for Mother’s Day
  • My first Stride Box!!!
  • The Great Gatsby (really excited to see this one!)
  • A good friend’s wedding (the 24th)
  • No more homework/tests/papers/labs (ever!!!)
  • #Blogsmarter Tweet Chat with some of my favorite blogging ladies
  • Running outside in the beautiful weather
  • Getting fitted for and buying running shoes that are actually right for my feet! (Hopefully this weekend) My feet are really starting to hurt a lot more with my current shoes. 😦
  • Friend’s baby shower!

I’m sure there’s a lot more but that’s what I’ve got on my mind right now!

So this weekend, I kept trying to tell my family things and they would reply with something like “We know. We read it on your blog”. I guess it’s payback for when my parents started putting everything on social media and when they would tell me something I would say “I know. I read it on Facebook/Twitter”. haha. Maybe I should start calling my parents to tell them everything before they read the blog so that then the blog is old news, instead of me.

Are you any good at jumping pictures?

What are you looking forward to in May?

Anyone else have a similar experience where you don’t have anything new to tell people because they read your blog??


29 thoughts on “In May I’m looking forward to…

  1. So many awesome things going on in may!! Jealous that you’re going to be done with school forever! Let’s trade places!!! I hope my parents never start saying those things. I’m not sure if they read my blog or not- they know I have one but they don’t talk about it so I have no idea haha

  2. Haha my rents don’t read my blog bc they are still learning to use email. Baby tech steps! I’m awful at jumping pics. I make it maybe 3 inches off the ground.

  3. I have the same experience with my mother who reads the blog. I also should just tell her things before posting it. I am also BEYOND EXCITED for The Great Gatsby!

  4. Very impressive photo jump! I have been getting stridebox for 3 months now, I have mixed reviews on the stridebox. I am trying to convince my hubby to go see The Great Gatsby with me, I loved the book.
    haha I can totally relate to your family/friends already reading about things on you blog. I get that alot more from my friends, they will be like yeah I read that on your blog already. That gets me thinking, do I need to come up with more material for my real life or blog world? I don’t know. I find myself holding back on things on the blog so I can tell my family friends first or vice versa.

    • oh really? Hm. We’ll see how my first Stridebox goes. I liked the book too! I hope the movie is as good.
      hahaha I think the same things! Maybe I put too much of my life on the blog or I don’t have enough of a life if that’s all I put on the blog…

  5. I have never seen a better jump picture, ever!!! I’ve never heard of stride box, but am checking it out now and seems worthy… For sure! 🙂 I can’t wait for The Great Gatsby either, I’m re reading it before I see the movie! Woo!

    • Well thank you! Oh you should! I’ve heard mostly good things about it. 99.99% of the time.
      I wish I had time to read it before the movie comes out! I just went and read the SparkNotes so that I remember what’s going on.

  6. I am terrible at jumping pictures! I am either too fast or too slow. Literally ruin every one. My parents typically don’t read my blog too much. Well, they do after the fact. Since I still live with them, they know my life a little more than what I write. However, my dad did tell me the one day he knew something I was telling him from reading my blog. I didn’t like it!

  7. I’m horrible at jumping pictures…lucky if I get my feet off the ground in time. In May, I am looking forward to starting work again (only part-time, though), trips to Disney, and my best friends birthday! Am I the only one who gets excited about other people’s birthdays?

    My parents don’t read my blog, but I did have someone who is very interested in me (a lil to the point where it’s starting to make me slightly uncomfortable), and I was talking to him when I saw him at the bar on Saturday and I mentioned something I had posted on my blog. His response? “I know, I keep track.” Uh…. well at least I know I have one loyal reader…

    • Those all sound so fun! And no, I TOTALLY get super excited for other people’s birthdays! Birthdays are the best!
      Um, that man sounds creepy. Be careful…”keeping track” doesn’t exactly sound good haha

  8. That is a ridiculous picture. I always look like a jumping panda bear (they appear bottom heavy, and therefore wouldn’t jump well, like me) in those things.

    In May I’m excited to: reveal some exciting news, see Gatsby, and eat at a James Beard award winning restaurant.

    • hahahaha Cyanne. I laughed at the image that create in my head. Oh my gosh. I’m sure you don’t look like a jumping panda 🙂
      Oh?? news??! Can’t wait for the unveiling!

  9. Love that picture! You all do look like you planned it. I’m going to show it to my son b/c he and his friends will totally rock a picture like that, too.
    How much are the Strideboxes? I’m tempted… but I think it’s too much of a luxury right now.
    When is the next Blogsmarter Tweet? I’m hoping I can get involved this time 🙂

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