unspoken gym rules

Yesterday, we said goodbye to an awesome coworker and friend who is moving away with a good-bye lunch. So now you may ask, did you take a picture of the group? (over 16 of us!) no. Did you take a picture with this friend? no. So what did you take a picture of? My turkey foccacia sandwich. It was super amazing. Also really filling. I only ate half of it. Also, I would like to save face a little and assure you I did not eat all of those fries either. There were a lot! Now I get to eat the other half of my sandwich for lunch in 1 hour and 5 minutes. But who’s counting?


Last night I also ran to Old Navy because Rachel @ Undercover Diva mentioned the other day that they’re selling their sports bras for $10 if you buy two or more. So I bought two. (Thanks, Rachel!) I already love them. I also got myself this cute shirt. And just because I forgot to take a picture of it earlier you get a class bathroom pic. Lucky you! Also, I didn’t have time to do my hair, so all natural wavy it is!


I have a question for you. Let’s say you walk into a gym in the early morning and there are around 5 rows of treadmills you could choose from. Only one is occupied. Why in the world would you go select a treadmill RIGHT next to that one other person!? Aren’t there unspoken gym rules or something? Kind of how you don’t sit right next to someone on a bus unless you have to? People like their space. Also, since I was that one occupant as you may have guessed, my “stranger danger” alarm started going off. Especially when he put his hood up on his hoodie and ran the whole time like that so I never saw his face. Creepy right?! If I had been anywhere else, I would have been more freaked out but of course there were other people in the gym on other machines and I could see people in the weight room next door. Also, I was probably being paranoid. But come on now, who does that?

Also, can we talk about the women who get full on naked in the dressing room. (sorry if you’re one of those!!!) I mean, I guess I can see the progression.Ā  We go from hiding and changing in sneaky ways in middle school and high school to just changing normally in college. I guess totally stripping down as a full-grown woman is the next step. I apologize if I don’t join you though. Every time I think “kudos, lady. Way to be confident in your body!” (without a drop of sarcasm) Because let’s be honest, even if I wanted to completely change like that, I don’t know that I would have enough self-confidence to do it. haha

I’m still new to the gym scene, so I guess I still have a lot to learn about gym etiquette.

Any other unspoken rules of the gym that I need to be aware of?

What did you/will you eat for lunch today?

Buy any cute new clothes lately? New running gear??


24 thoughts on “unspoken gym rules

  1. I am all about good bread on a sandwich. Or just good bread in general actually. I don’t go to a gym a lot to work out because I’d rather go outside but I think a lot of these are so true (and kind of hilarious when you think about it!). The naked women one- yea just please don’t. I don’t need to see that. I think I need to check out old navy when I get home!

  2. Oh my heck, I love this. First of all, Old Navy sports bras are my very favorite. I have like three different styles and love them all. Secondly, oh Sports Academy… Don’t you love it? haha. The nakedness was definitely the hardest thing to get used to. The other day some lady got in the hot tub straight-up naked. (gross!). I’ve been going there for a year and a half and I only recently got to the point where I’ll change in the main area. Even then it’s a race with myself to see how fast I can be! I’ve had that happen with treadmills and such too (though not at 5 a.m….) Why would you want to be that close to someone else? So awkward.

  3. Gym rules: wiping butt sweat off a bench is a necessity. If someone leaves their water bottle by a bench/machine they are reserving it. If you are filling a water bottle and someone just wants a drink, let them go frst at the fountain. etc etc

  4. The gym etiquette thing is major. I only go next to someone if there is no where else to go. I love Old Navy’s active wear. Their bras are super comfortable as are their running shorts.

  5. I totally agree with your unspoken gym rules! I hate when someone comes up and uses the treadmill right beside me.

    For lunch today I had something new and loved it! I had a sweet potato and I filled it with leftovers from last night, which was taco meat, pinto beans, avocado, tomato, onion, bell pepper, a little shredded cheese, and some hot sauce. It was so good!

  6. So glad you got your sports bras! I’m currently in the process of spamming Old Navy’s twitter account in hopes of earning my first giveaway šŸ˜‰

    For lunch I had half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I only make myself half sandwiches…is that weird? I hope not..because that’s what I like and might be another thing to add to my list of “why I’m single.” I have no idea what I’m going to make tonight for dinner, though. It’ll be an adventure for sure.

  7. Uhm, I hate that. Seriously, even if there are other treadmills being used, why do you have to pick the one next to me?! It drives me nuts. or, the people who wait around for you to finish lifting on a machine. Literally, stand beside you! I also agree with the nakedness. I would never do it, and actually think it is kind of gross unless they are in the shower stalls, which they aren’t always! Nasty, nasty.

    I need to get to Old Navy!

  8. Okay… you are adorable! You are so funny. I love your new shirt and your natural wavy hair! First things first… I think Mr. creepy was trying to hit on you. I mean why else would he pick the treadmill RIGHT next to you (unless, of course, he really is just a creeper). Okay… random weird question. Are the Old Navy sports bras padded? Those of us that tend to look like a 12-year old when wearing a sports bra appreciated a little padding! šŸ™‚ I had Cafe Rio for lunch with Grandma, Jaime, Gavin, and Ethan. The food was good but the company was better!

    Lastly- naked people at the gym!?? EWWWWW gross. I go to the American Fork City Rec Center and I’ve yet to see a naked person THANK GOODNESS!! Maybe the fact that it’s a family rec center helps with the naked issue.

  9. I found these comments fascinating. It speaks alot to our individualized culture. I guess I’m curious if you wanted to workout alone, why go to the gym? I mean there are plenty of amazing ways to work out by yourself. Maybe he wanted to encouragement of another person nearby, maybe that was his favorite treadmill, but I doubt his intention was malicious.

    A problem I have at with gyms is that people are really unfriendly. Next time you go to the gym try to strike up a conversation with someone. Over 50% of the time they will look at you like, why are you talking to me? Or they might make a small comment smile awkwardly and then move away.

    Where are my fitness brothers a sisters?!? This one of the reasons why crossfit and similar type boutique gyms have become so popular. People want community not individuality.

    As for nakedness, I had to see my high school principle naked a few times and the Y and that wasn’t great, but guys get naked in the locker rooms all the time.

    In europe people are nudity isn’t such a big deal and they also don’t have our body image issues. I think going naked is a great way to say I’m ok with how I look. It may give other people confidence to do the same.

    I loved this post so much that I wrote my own 5 gym rules that I wish we could follow.

    1. Smile – Working out is hard lets encourage each other.
    2. No Headphones or TV’s – People have to talk to each other providing system of support for working out.
    3. Good Sound systems with music at a low or reasonable volume- cheap sound systems cranked up at high volumes are what they use to stimulate stress in animals. I really don’t need that while I’m working hard.
    4. No guys hanging out around the weights just to check women out – I get it. I like looking at women too, but it’s not a meat market gentleman. And it makes the the rest of us guys seem like creeps just by association.
    5. Calming lighting and decor – harsh fluorescent lights and bright colors are an assault on the senses. One of the reasons I love exercising outside is that the view is amazing. Even if I’m running by a rail yard. I get that gyms aren’t spa’s, but they don’t have to be the most artificial conditions either.

    PS I’m totally turning this into a post so thanks for the inspiration.

  10. I just discovered I’m a horrible gym member. I totally change down if needed. I usually try to hurry when people aren’t around. (I was a dancer, and something about changing backstage in front of the tech crew that I got over it).
    And, I usually pick the same row as someone else, but usually leave a few machines between us. I don’t like staring at their backs, or someone staring at me.
    Another gym rule- you shouldn’t work so hard you’re grunting loudly. Unless you have on headphones and pretend to be oblivious šŸ˜‰

  11. I actually prefer working out alone, so if someone picked the treadmill right next to me when there are rows to choose from, I would probably wonder what he was up to. There are definitely gym etiquette rules, like not hogging machines (hate this) and cleaning off a machine when you’re done with it.

  12. Hahaha! You crack me up! First, I agree with the treadmill thing. It is just awkward. Pick one a few over. Thanks! Second, I am totally the girl the just strips. I have pretty much always been that way. If there are a lot of other people in the locker room, I just try to be quick about it.

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