Wed Wonderfuls 3

Another week, another Wednesday and another Wednesday Wonderfuls coming your way!

I found my mail key (oh yeah…I lost my mail key) and was able to get my first Stridebox!!! Everything looks so awesome and I can’t wait to try it out! I’ll be sure to do a review for you.


My old roommate and bestie gave me this for Christmas two years ago and I still love to use it! I just spray some on my pillows before I go to bed and it smells oh so good. I highly recommend it.


In case you didn’t know, Hulu now has all the season of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I’ve been really enjoying a return to the 90s.


Have you heard of Snap Appy? It’s an Old Navy app I heard about yesterday where you “snap” a picture of the Old Navy logo and it will give you a reward! Sometimes it’s money off purchases, sometimes it’s fashion advice or a compliment. So fun!


Tonight there is the next installment of the #blogsmarter discussion! I can’t wait to chat with all of you! This was so fun last time, I just know this next time will be awesome.



Are you going to be at the Twitter chat tonight?

What are you Wednesday Wonderfuls?

PS. Happy Birthday to my little brother! Love you, Brother!!!!!


11 thoughts on “Wed Wonderfuls 3

  1. I’m hoping to be at the Twitter chat tonight but one of the girls in my class wants to hang out so we’re trying to work out our plans!

    Thanks for the info on that app…I need to look into that ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy birthday to your brother and enjoy your stridebox!

    • 1. How do you protect your privacy and stay safe while blogging and using social media?

      2. What tools do you use to create good audio and visual content for your blog?

      3. How do you avoid going overboard on self-promotion? How much is too much?

      4. Whatโ€™s something youโ€™ve seen & loved on a blog and want to know more about?

      5. Got recommendations? Fav hosting company, designer, business card company?

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