one of those weeks

This has been one of those weeks where:

  • I haven’t made my bed (until this morning). If you know me, that’s REALLY out of character. Not only can I not go without making my bed but I have to make it before I get it, if it happens to not be made. Haven’t done either til today.
  • I threw my clothes on the floor. I just picked them up this morning. Apparently I’m being productive today.
  • I haven’t done my hair. It’s either been scrunched (1 time) or in a ponytail or bun (4 times).
  • I haven’t slept very well
  • I haven’t worked out. Not once. All week. I feel disgusting! Like I need to get a good sweat on! At the beginning of the week, it was because I was genuinely sick and it was really good to skip. Now I’m just lazy. I’m going to fix this by still going on my 10 mile long run tomorrow morning. If it’s harder than it should be, it’s my own dang fault. That will show me. 😉 Also I’m really excited to try out the VFuel and the energy jelly beans I got in my StrideBox this month!

Don’t worry, I’ll get back on the wagon. I have less than 1 month until my next half and I WILL PR! It’s going to happen. I’m so excited!

Did you guys see that the Backstreet Boys are going on tour?


I want to go if they promise to only sing songs written and performed before 2000. That’s where it’s at. If I could have a perfect 90s tour it would include BSB, N’Sync, 98 Degrees, and Britney. But again, all of them only playing their music from the 90s. Maybe early, early 2000s. awwww yeah!!!

Tomorrow I’m going on a shopping trip. I am NOT a fan of shopping. I like to go alone so I can leave the second I’m done with it (about 10 minutes in). But a group of us are going to some outlets and I realized this week that I have no summer tops. Seriously, my whole closet is long sleeves and sweaters. A hazard of living in a place that gets into the negatives during the winter. So I guess I need to buy some. But I promised myself I’ll also buy some running clothes and then we’re all going to lunch afterward, so of course it will all be worth it.

What are your signs you’re having an off week?

90s music fan?? What groups?

Are you a fan of shopping?


9 thoughts on “one of those weeks

  1. haha, I NEVER make my bed. It’s so bad. And hangers for clothing? you mean to tell me clothes don’t actually belong on the floor? you’d hate coming to my house!! I’m jealous of your tidiness though! have fun shopping tomorrow – nothing is better than new workout clothes!! 90’s are the best kind of music – all about some BSB and Nsync, of course.

  2. I never make my bed… and I made a mess of my closet last night when I was getting dressed. I would love love love to see N*Sync. I saw them when I was younger and they were amazing 😀 I’d love to see them again! I do like shopping, but I haven’t been really successful my last few trips, so that kind of stinks.

  3. And Kevin’s back too?????? OMG! That sounds like I am sarcastic but I’ve been or maybe was a big bsb fan back in the day and I was miffed when he didn’t want to come back for a while, so it’s an interesting tidbit for me for the weekend.

  4. The biggest sign that I’m having an off week is when I wake up after 6:45. This morning, I didn’t get into the shower until 7:30 (I’m supposed to be at work at 8:00 and it is a 15 minute drive…you can do the math – yikes!!)

    Loved BSB. The only time I waited in line before the ticketmaster counter opened was for BSB tickets (circa 1999 – pre-buying concert tickets online.

    I have a love hate relationship with shopping. When I have no money, I find everything that I want and don’t need. When I actually have money, I can’t find anything. So frustrating.

  5. Signs of off weeks for me are when I loose all motivation to do anything other than lay around and read a book haha. Seriously though, look at this “off week” as a time to freshen up and recharge for next week!! Hopefully you get a nice sweat session in asap 🙂

  6. You will get back in the groove! I know I have some weeks where I just feel blah and have no motivation. 90’s music: Sugar Ray, sublime,311, red hot chili peppers (they could have started in the 80’s, can’t remember).

  7. I enjoy shopping but don’t have a lot of stamina for it.
    YOU GO with taking on that run this weekend. I love that you’re grabbing the bull by the horns and saying “enough”!
    So sorry to hear you were sick 😦

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