Shopping success

My 10 miler yesterday was one of the hardest runs I’ve had in a very long time. That’s what I get for going a whole week without running and jumping right back in with a long run. Also, I didn’t really eat breakfast before. Also I wore my new shoes for the first time. Sooo…yeah. Lots of little mistakes. But I did it and that’s all that matters! Perseverance right? That’s what runners are all about!

Our shopping trip to Park City was a success! I got some cute pieces from Gap and J Crew, sports bras from the Nike outlet ($10 each! it was a steal!!) and some smell goods from Bath and Body works. I’m pretty happy with the way it went down. Look how pretty it is up there!

photo-32 photo-33

Sadly we were so into our shopping (we only had 2 hours) that I didn’t get any pictures til dinner. We went to Blue Iguana it was delicious. I got the chicken fajita! Those onions and peppers with it were awesome.



The whole crew


Afterward we went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. A must!!! Some people got the caramel apples, some got chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick, large rice crispy treats and I got some chocolate truffles!


What a good group! I sure do love that I get to work with these people.

I have a couple reviews on some of the energy foods that I got in my Stridebox this month.

V-Fuel: Did not like. Maybe it was the flavor too but I just don’t like gels. The consistency just doesn’t settle well on my stomach.


Bonk Bites: Love! I had never heard of them before but it tastes awesome. I highly recommend them!


Plus I really like this Mind Kick on the back. I just little extra things like this on packaging. I was also the kid that did all the mazes and puzzles on the cereal boxes. So there you go.


It’s been a lovely rainy weekend and I have a very busy week at work (slow weeks won’t exist for a few months) ahead of me. Less than 4 weeks til my next half! I’m so excited!

Have you been to Park City? You should go. It’s where most of the 2002 Winter Olympics were if you don’t remember that. That was fun 🙂

Favorite place to go shopping?

Favorite fuel?


19 thoughts on “Shopping success

  1. I actually used the Vfuel that I got in my stridebox today during my 8 miler, but the flavor was peach cobbler which I thought it was really good. Some gels I don’t care for, but the peach flavor was one of the better tasting ones I have tried. Sorry to hear that you didn’t like it, maybe it was the vanilla flavor…Good job on the 10 miler!!

  2. I’ve never been to Park City but you all look like you had a crazy-good time. You had chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick available to you and you didn’t get it? I don’t understand. Please explain this to me 😉

  3. I am already super jealous that you live in Utah (fell in love with the skiing in the north and hiking/mountain biking in the south) but when I went to Park City for the first time last year…. I was hooked. So.Beautiful. That main drag of restaurants (even though super duper expensive) is just the cutest thing in the world!! I would love to move out there!!

    Favorite place to go shopping? Costco. (duhh) but also Target/H&M/Forever21 (i can afford it) and REI (where I spend as if I can afford it)

    Fuel of choice– orange slices (but they don’t do this at most runs!

    • I’m so glad you love it out here! I think it’s just the prettiest place and I love that you appreciate it too! Yes, Park City Main Street is super adorable. But I only buy food there 🙂
      Love all those stores!
      Oh yeah. That should totally do orange slices at runs. It would feel like soccer all over again!

  4. I’ve never been to Park City but I’ve heard good things! I love that you stocked up at the outlets- such a great place to hit up when you need new gear. Keep me posted if you need me to write any more letters to sports bras.

  5. New reader here… looks like you had a great shopping trip with some awesome deals, nice! And thanks for the reviews on the stridebox products, I have a few I was nervous about trying out lol!

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