Look alikes and I’m one of THOSE kids

First of all, thank you so much to everyone for their shin splint advice! I ran a shorter run than I was supposed to yesterday, but I think moving helped it, especially since I didn’t push it very hard. Hopefully it keeps up the speedy recovery!

During the last winter Olympic games, I was told I looked a lot like Aly Raismen, of the USA gymnastics “Fab Five”. Since they were pretty cool (and she spelled “Aly” the way I do), I definitely took it as a compliment. Now that she’s been on Dancing with the Stars this season, I’ve been getting that comment again. So I thought I’d ask you guys. What do you think? Do we look alike?


Yesterday I got a Blue Box that I got for free with a complimentary code I found on another blog. I REALLY wish I could remember whose blog it was, so if it was you please speak up so I can acknowledge it!


Now, I know that the only other “box” I have to compare it to is my Stride Box from this month, but holy cow. There’s nothing in it! My Blue Box was jam-packed with samples for me to try and I felt like my money was more than well spent just by glancing at it all. This view, however, made me glad I got this for free. I haven’t tried any of the products yet, so it’s possible that I could be blown away by the products and sign up to continue receiving them! However, as far as I can tell just by looks (first impressions really are so important), I don’t know that will be happening. I’m still really glad I’m giving it a shot! I’m excited to try out the products!

Growing up I was always grossed out by the kids that would pick their scabs. How gross is it to pick those off and then have the sore bleed again?! But now as my wounds (maybe a little dramatic wording) from falling on Mother’s Day are healing, I am having the hardest time not helping my body get rid of those scabs a little quicker. I mean, I feel like I’m just helping the process. πŸ˜‰ But now I’m THAT kid! Gross! Don’t worry though. I don’t force them off so early they bleed. That’s just silly.

Today is a 40 minute progression run. I’m really loving my speed workouts, so I’m hoping my shins feel good enough to let me do the whole work out the way I want to. We shall see!

So be honest, do you think Aly and I look alike?

Have you ever received the Blue Box? Do you like them?

Are you/were you a scab picker?


13 thoughts on “Look alikes and I’m one of THOSE kids

  1. OMG! You definitely look like her! You could be her twin. I have never heard of Blue box. Sorry it was a disappointment. Like you said, maybe the products that are in there are fantastic! I am a scab picker, I know it is gross, but I tend to do it more when I am nervous or anxious.

  2. In general the mail order boxes always seem disappointing to me. But at least this one was free! I don’t intentionally ick scabs but I’m a scratcher in general so it happens. Awful habit!!

  3. I started cracking up when I saw the two pictures next to each other on bloglovin. TOO funny!
    Also, that box is sad. 😦

  4. I can definitely see a resemblance. Sadly I haven’t had the chance yo try any boxes yet. And *hanging head in shame* yes I was/am a scab picker. Though not before its ready. That just hurts. I cant help myself I just want that sucker gone.

  5. yes!! you guys to look alike!! You are lucky.. I have never found anyone famous I look like! Always wanted to haha (no idea why?!)

    Yes, my name is Andrea and I am guilty of scab picking… especially all the scabs I got from Utah 2 weeks ago– still healing!!

  6. I totally see the resemblance, you guys definitely do look alike. You’re both pretty for sure!

    That box does look sad, I loved how jam packed the stride box was in commparison!

  7. I think the two of you do look alike! My sister-n-law looks like Kelly Clarkson in the same way. If you line up the photos it’s not perfect… but by memory it’s like they’re twins!
    I’m not a scab picker, but I’m really clumsy and end up banging my hands, feet, whatever, in the same spots that gave me scabs to begin with!

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