Congrats Steph and Greg!

My beautiful friend Stephanie got married yesterday and all the festivities are what have been keeping me busy. Let me catch you up.

Wednesday night: We had her Bachelorette party, which included Olive Garden, followed by a pole dancing class. It was super fun and we were all super sore for a couple of days. What a workout!

Thursday: Steph and Greg invited me to their wedding dinner and I was so happy to attend! The dinner was held at a this pretty building.


The food was delicious!


The company was the best!!


and the bride to be was beautiful!! She even had the wind-blown hair thing going on.


Friday: Wedding day!!! The ceremony was beautiful and the day could not have been more gorgeous! From here on out, there will mostly just be pictures.




Cheesecake Factory Peanut butter Cheesecake. In case you were wondering…




Congratulations Stephanie and Greg! Love you both so much and loved being part of your special day! 

Have you been to any weddings recently?

What was your wedding like/what would your future wedding to be like?


11 thoughts on “Congrats Steph and Greg!

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