prettiest hike and good-bye

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!! So grateful for this country, those who have and do fight for it and for a day to remember those who have gone before us.

Weekend catch up #2 (click here to see the #1 on Stephanie and Greg’s wedding celebrations!)

Because I was in town for all the wedding festivities, I was able to stay with my parents for a couple of days. Saturday morning we got up and went for a hike. It was super gorgeous. Take a look:




Panoramic of the whole Salt Lake valley. So pretty!




We found cougar tracks. Yikes! Also, I am not one of those girls with cute, little, dainty hands.


Saturday night we got together for one last good-bye dinner before Desiree goes to Arizona for PA school! We ate at Zupas and then had froyo. It was basically my dream meal.


Good luck Desi!!! You’ll be so great! Plus we all know we’ll be coming for a visit to sunny Arizona! 🙂


Speaking of people named Desiree, who is excited for Bachelorette to start tonight?!?!!! Des was my favorite from the Bachelor, plus I like Bachelorette so much more than Bachelor (um, the girls make smarter decisions, there isn’t tons of dumb girl drama and 25 men? yes) so I’m super excited!

Anyone else like hiking? Do you like somewhere with good hiking?

Do you do anything special for Memorial Day?

Who is excited for Desiree and the Bachelorette??!!!


8 thoughts on “prettiest hike and good-bye

  1. wow what a beautiful hike!! I am very much in depression since I got so spoiled hiking every morning in St. George and being back in Indiana is just blahh haha… very awesome you get to live in SLC 🙂

  2. wow those pictures look awesome. so jealous of that view. I’ve never been anywhere to have a view like that. it needs to change haha I didn’t do anything for memorial day todya 😦 crappy weather, but that’s alright!

  3. If you make it out to AZ wave to the North for me! I’ll wave back 🙂
    What gorgeous pictures of UT!
    Glad you had a great trip.

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