my mom gets me

I’m really awful at wearing my retainer but I could feel that my teeth has moved a little, so I’ve been wearing my retainer recently. ouch! Taking that thing out of my mouth every morning is so painful! I need to wear it more consistently. Better to wear the retainer now, than to have braces again!

Less than 3 weeks until my next half and my run yesterday was not so great. I am just not into my groove lately! Today is a strength and stretching day, so that will be a nice change. I love following a training plan so that it just tells me what I should do every day πŸ™‚

One of my favorite things about having this blog, is that now friends, family, coworkers, etc will message me, FB me, tell me in person about how they’ve been running lately. Or if they go on a run or sign up for a race, I get specifically told about it. I seriously love it!! Sometimes I even end up thinking “man, you’ve run more than I have this week. I should step it up”. But I just love that my friends and family are finding time for running and that they want to share that with me! It makes me so happy! Happy! Happy!

Another result of having started this blog is that my mom now likes to post pictures and quotes that she sees about running to my Facebook. Which of course I also love that she does that. So here are some of the ones she has shared with me that I am now sharing with you!



This first one always makes me feel so guilty! It’s so true!



I’m so glad my mom gets me πŸ™‚

Today it’s back to the normal work week! Except now it’s only 4 days long. Woohoo! Next week begins the busiest month in my office, so this week will be crucial “get stuff done” time. So of course I thought running a half during that month and then beginning training for a full would be a good idea. I really am so smart πŸ˜‰

Did you have braces? Are you good about wearing your retainer?

When is your next race?Β 

Do you have a favorite running quote or picture?? Share it here or on See This Girl Run‘s Facebook page!


17 thoughts on “my mom gets me

  1. I love when parents (or anyone, really) understand our need to get out and run. I love all running quotes. I don’t think I could pick a favorite! I LOVE when friends tell me they’re running. It makes me feel so happy for them and good about myself for inspiring them to pick up such an awesome sport!

  2. I LOVE when people message me or tell me in public about their runs/workouts. I also love when I get questions from friends and family asking about issues they’re having or asking for recommendations. It’s seriously so much fun and if you would have asked me 2 years ago if I would be that person to give out advice, the answer would have been no.

    My next race isn’t until September and I am dying to race!!

  3. I agree that the best feeling is knowing you inspired someone to begin running. I was elated when friends began to run, but when my students told me I inspired them to start…I have no word for that joy!

    You’ll find your groove again and kick butt at your half! That’s what tapering is for :o)

  4. I had braces, but never wear my retainer. I couldn’t even tell you where it is!

    I think signing up for the half during the busy season was smart πŸ™‚ It is my outlet to relieve stress, which I’m sure you will definitely be needing !! You’ll be great regardless πŸ™‚

  5. I had braces for over 3 years and was not diligent about wearing my retainer and now, years later, I exploring getting braces again. I really, really wish I had worn those retainers.

  6. I had braces twice and need them again. Ugh. First time the retainer didn’t fit right and they never fixed it. The second time I broke my retainer and never got a new one. Thankfully its just one tooth and not super noticeable.

    Next race is Sunday! My first half! Eek!

    I love quotes. My classroom was always covered in them.

  7. I had braces not once but twice. The first time the retainer never fit well, it hurt. They were never able to fix it for me so I stopped using it. Round two I ended up breaking my retainer. Oops. I would like to get braces again one day. I have one tooth that moved but its not horribly noticeable so I don’t worry too much.

    Next race is my first half on Sunday!

    I love quotes. I used to cover my classroom with them!

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