a positive challenge

Even though some of the people around me lately may  not believe it, I have been trying to be positive lately. I’ve always been told by people how positive I am, but I never believed it. I really don’t think I’m that positive of a person. I think I’m whiny, cynical and sarcastic. But whatever. If people want to see me as positive, I will take it!

Lately it’s been hard to hide the whiny, cynical, sarcastic side of me. So I tell myself “Be grateful! Life is good! You should be more patient. Be thankful. Positive attitude!” (am I the only one who pep talks themselves?) Then I run into things like this and they make me feel a lot better.





If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, I think you know I get overwhelmed easily. That’s why it’s good for me to really stop and think about everything I’m grateful for in my life:

  • Family – immediate and extended
  • Amazing friends
  • Great coworkers that I care about
  • A good job where I am valued
  • A happy home with great roommates
  • My car starts and gets good gas mileage. And it’s from 1994. That’s a miracle.
  • The ability to run and enjoy it! So many people don’t like it and it breaks my heart!
  • Access to good food
  • A healthy body
  • Oh and of course the best blog friends 🙂

I could go on and on but really I don’t think you need to read all of it. Or want to! But I do want to offer up a challenge. Let’s go through today with the goal to be positive. For every negative thought, think of something good. We’ll all do it together! Ready…..Go!

What are you grateful for today?

Tell me something positive!

Also, I forgot to ask yesterday, who watched Bachelorette?? Who is your favorite so far?! (guy with the kid)


21 thoughts on “a positive challenge

  1. GREAT challenge for the day (or week, or month, or LIFE)! I get told I am always positive/bubbly too and I just feel like I could do such a better job appreciating the little things in life!!! Maybe we all could… no matter what!!

    Today Positivity– while I am not exceited to work, I am SO grateful to have a paid internship. So many people do not find paid ones these days… Also it is positively gorgeous outside. And even though I am driving my sisters car after mine got damaged yesterday, i am remaining thankful!!

    have a fantastic day girl 🙂

  2. I am grateful for the ability and means to travel and experience new places. We just went to Boston and I loved being able to explore the city.
    I’m also grateful for Ben. Corny, but true. Every single day.

  3. I am grateful for my parents and the values they instilled in me. I’m also grateful for my job and my education. Finally, I’m grateful for my friends.

    Work, working out, and spending time with the Bluth’s has really screwed up my normal TV watching routine. I’m hoping to get caught up with the bachelorette tonight!

  4. I am grateful this school year is almost over. I need some time off!
    One positive thing? My first half is Sunday!!
    Great post! Thanks for the reminder.

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