some spring cleaning

How did the positive challenge go for you yesterday? I have to admit, it totally worked for me! I was in such a good mood for the majority of the day and was able to get so much done at work. It was great. Crazy how just changing your attitude can do so much.

My drawers have been driving me crazy lately, so I finally emptied them in an attempt to reorganize them, starting with my workout clothes drawer. I still can’t decide if it was a good or a bad idea. I think mostly good. The idea was that I get rid of the clothes I don’t use but what I discovered is that I don’t have a whole lot to get rid of. (or at least not a lot I’m willing to get rid of yet). Also, I have a lot more work out clothes than I thought I did! (note: that was not a complaint)


It all turned out great though because now my drawers are nice and organized and I have now started a cleaning out process, which I really do desperately need to do. It will be good for me!

So I think I may have an obsession. I bought two more pairs of ProCompression socks. I couldn’t help myself!! Look how cute they are! Plus they totally work! Plus plus they were 40% off. Plus plus plus I got free shipping! How was I supposed to turn that down? (I have two more pairs than are pictured below but these are just my marathon socks)


I have a confession. I suffer from chaffing. It’s a serious problem, to the point of bleeding. Yeah, not pretty. (maybe TMI but I figure we’re all friends here) So today when I had a spare minute I ran to the sporting goods store and picked up some Body Glide. I’m so excited to try it out. *Update: seems to have worked great. Hallelujah!!


Are your drawers organized or messy?

What exercise gear are you obsessed with?

What do you use to prevent chaffing? 

Have a happy Thursday! Weekend is almost here!


15 thoughts on “some spring cleaning

  1. I have a roll on anti chafe that I’ve used ever since I started running longer than 7 miles. These thunder thighs appreciate it.

  2. I put my compression socks on today for the first time in weeks and forgot how much i love them! I use them mostly for recovering.. which works the best for me! My drawers are currently a disaster.. like complete and total mess. I should start working on that!

  3. Jealous of your discovery of more workout clothing! Ha! I neeeeeeeed some of those socks! Everyone loves them and I need to love them soon too. Yikes about the chafing, I get it at times and OlivetoRun recommended that stuff too. I shall check it out. I am obsessed with Nike shorts. Like, always have to buy them if I see them. It’s a love/hate battle. 🙂

  4. I am so jealous by the number of compression socks you have. like, insanely jealous. I will be up to 2 1/2 pairs (1 sock went MIA) and 1 compression sleeve. You can never have enough!

  5. Ugh cleaning my drawers has been on my to do list for weeks. I’m dreading it! I’m also obsessed with compression socks. Love wearing then after a tough run!

  6. I never leave the house without my body glide!! Seriously girl.. go crazy on that stuff! Use EVERYWHERE if you want!! haha

    I have so many clothes I could get rid of but find myself keeping bc —” I wore that once when I was 12.. awww I will never be 12 again! I should keep it…” that is pretty much how my thought process goes!

  7. I try to keep my drawers fairly organized but every once in a while I go through them to clean out and straighten up.

    I don’t discriminate. I’m obsessed with all workout gear. I cant help myself.

    I use good old body glide for chafing. Though thankfully I haven’t had much issue with that. *knock on wood*

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