our new department exercise plan

Today I’m running 11 miles for my long run, which is the longest I’ve ever run for a training run. (the longest race I’ve ever done is a half and usually I only go to 10 miles before I taper) I’m excited! My half is two weeks from today. Time is just flying by!

Work is getting pretty crazy and will pretty much explode on Monday, which means going in to work around 6 am and not leave til at least 6 pm. This means I’m going to have to switch back to evening workouts. I have gotten so used to waking up early and having my work out done before work. It’s going to be hard to feel like going for a good workout after a long day, but I am going to do it! I may need constant encouragement and pep talking, but I can do it! 😉

If you haven’t seen this video (first of all, have you not been on any form of social media this week?!) you are severely missing out! Watch it.

I had seen this on Thursday and then Friday I went into work and there was an email from the VP of our department telling us that this was our department’s new exercise plan. I sure love the people I work with. They’re so funny!

But really though.  Practice your prancing, people. I’m sure it will improve your running 😉

Last night I got to see my old cross country buddies, Kalina and Cesia. They’re in town for a big bike ride (not a race, a ride) going on today. They’re doing 70 miles. Whoa. I’m no biker, so I don’t know if that’s “far” but it sure sounds far to me! They’re rockstars. Sadly, I did not get a picture of us. Next time, ladies. Next time!

Ok, I seriously need to get my butt moving and go on my run. Then I need to get a lot done for work. Boo.

Have a Happy Saturday!!!

Longest training run you’ve ever done?

Are you prancercising?

What are you doing on this beautiful Saturday??


13 thoughts on “our new department exercise plan

  1. My longest training run for the marathon was 18 miles. I am really glad I never ran further than that! it was plenty and i still made it through the marathon!!

    I also have had to switch all my workouts around to the evening!! Now I love them in the evening, and when I try to do morning runs I feel “weird” haha It may take you a week to adjust… but you definitely will!! Promise!!

    • Wow that sounds out of control to me right now! I have a lot of running to do to get to that level by the end of the summer!
      I’m so glad you love evening workouts! I’ll do my best to adapt quickly 🙂

  2. The best part of that vid is that I can’t tell if it’s legit or not…which is the mark of truly great satire haha.

    For my second Half, I did the full 13 miles a couple weeks before. It really helped my confidence! I now whole-heartedly subscribe to running the distance or longer for the race you’re training for :o)

  3. Yay for your 11 miler! I hope it went well…
    I cannot tell if that woman is serious or if she’s making a funny video. Either way, I’m thinking of prancersizing RIGHT NOW!

  4. Longest training run was 20 minutes for my marathon! I actually ran the 20 miles twice before the actual 26.2. For a half, I think the longest I’ve gone for training was 11. Good luck with the last few weeks of training!

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