colors, planks and snow cones

My 11 miler was hard. I don’t think I’ve been eating enough lately and I think I was dehydrated, so I was very tired for most of the run. This beast of a hill that I can usually slowly, but surely, make my way up absolutely killed me. But I did it! And that’s all that matters!

I was very happy to be done with the run! I also wore as many colors as possible.



This is one of my Β new pairs of compression socks and I think this color is my favorite. Sorry, purple, pink and white. This blue rocks.


I’ve been doing #plankaday this week and let me tell you, I’m not so great at it. Here’s my record so far…don’t judge..


And this picture is for Cori. In case you don’t know, she takes one of these every day while she’s doing her #plankaday. I just thought I’d do one right back πŸ™‚


Today really felt like summer! Not only did I get in a long run, but my roommates and I went for snow cones! I opted for Black Raspberry with ice cream. Yum!!


We couldn’t get a normal picture to look good, so we opted for a silly picture. Also, note I chose to not wear make up yesterday. And it was awesome. As you can see, my roommates both got Tigers Blood.


How long can you hold a plank?

What’s your favorite snow cone flavors?

What are some things that for you = summer?


23 thoughts on “colors, planks and snow cones

  1. hahaha i have been dying over Cori’s faces!!! i will have to take some for you guys too… i make a BEAUTIFUL face while dying in plank position. I would love nothing more than to share it with the blogging community!!

    GREAT job on your 11 miler! Definitely runs like that that make us mentally tough!!!!
    Have a great sunday πŸ™‚

    • Yes please do!!They’re so funny πŸ™‚
      Thanks! It was mentally tough but I think that’s good to have those runs now and then. You need to build your mental toughness too!

  2. I can hold a plank for about a minute before my arms start violently shaking, so good on you! And I love the face photos that Cori makes. They kill me.

  3. I can do a plank for about 2 minutes. I really should try plank a day and see where I can get it. I might be able to do more, but i get bored, really easily haha Snow cones are awesome! I always get cheery.. mmm.. I ran 7 miles yesterday and it was so hard with the heat! I thought I was hydrated enough, but that heat really takes it out of you! Good job on it, though! At least it is done πŸ™‚

  4. Oh I miss shaved ice so much! Might need to hunt some down after I run this evening.

    My plank PR is 2:40, but lately I’ve only been at about 1:30. I think my run streak is killing plank streak.

  5. I definitely feel your pain about not eating enough/running performance. Whenever I don’t eat enough (carbs especially) my workouts really suffer. Props to all the low carb/high fat people out there but I don’t think I could ever live without my oatmeal πŸ™‚

  6. I think your plank record is awesome because I am jello arms at 30 seconds. ; ) hands down watermelon is the best flavor and i think sunny skies and warm weather makes me think of summer, also not having school is a big plus. : )

  7. Awesome! I ran 11 miles today too! Twinning πŸ˜‰ Congrats on your accomplishment, I had a rough run too. I kept playing mind games with myself the entire time :/ I LOVE blueberry shaved ice, and mango!

  8. Planks are all about core. Tighten your core and roll your hips under. Then your core is holding you up vs your arms. What’s the name of that app? Might have to try it n

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