Running 101: Gear

Here we are with the next installment of Running 101! In case you missed them, here are the first two on form and breathing.

I’m pretty cheap when it comes to running clothes. TJ Maxx, Ross, heck even hand-me-downs! As long as it’s not a cotton shirt (get clothes that will breathe!) and they’re decent running shorts, I’ll wear them. I’m not one that will spend $40 on one pair of shorts or one top. But that’s just me. Same with sports bras. I’ll wear whatever does the job.

However, I don’t have the same rule about shoes. I asked both on a previous post and on my Facebook page, what advice you would give to a new runner and the #1 response I received was to spend the money on getting good shoes! I can’t emphasize this enough!!! I used to just go to a sporting goods store, find the cutest, most on sale running shoes that felt ok and buy them.


You know why this isn’t ok?? Because there are lots of different kinds of running shoes for different feet and different purposes! FINALLY, a couple of months ago I came to my senses and actually got fitted for the correct type of shoes. You can read about my experience HERE. Needless to say, it was definitely the best thing I have done for my feet, knees, shins, etc in a while.


Once you have clothes on and the right shoes, the rest is just extra. But I’ll tell you a little about my other must haves.

I have to run with either my Nike running hat or my Twete Bird headband. I love having my hair (and the sun!) out of my face!

photo (4)IMG_2437

I also love love love my Procompression running socks! You can read about why you should wear compression socks HERE. I wear these during races and long runs. Other than that I don’t wear anything super special as far as socks go. My only preference is I like them on the thinner side.


I also love my GPS watch and my flip belt, but I’ll save those for another  post.

Also, I would like to acquire some running sunglasses too, so if anyone has any suggestions for some, let me know!

When it comes to running gear, you need to make sure you’re comfortable and maintaining a good temperature, depending on the weather. Make sure that whatever you choose to wear works for you and the type of workout you are doing. For example, Janae just did a post on running in hot weather and mentioned wearing lighter, more breathable clothes. You just need to learn how to adjust and what works for you. It might be a little trial and error, but you’ll get it down.

What is your favorite piece of running gear?

Any opinions or favorite brands for any of these?

Any basic piece of gear that I didn’t mention?


12 thoughts on “Running 101: Gear

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  2. Hmmm my favorite piece of running gear is probably a good wicking shirt…I love lululemon’s!

    I’m total opposite with socks, I like thicker socks haha. Also, I can’t wear a hat! It just annoys me and I feel like it makes me sweat 3058408x more. Maybe I will check out that headband!

    • You’ll want to go to specifically a running store. If you google it, I’m sure you can find one in your area. Make sure it’s not just a sporting goods store. It needs to be specific to running and most of them have this service available. (although of course they do expect you to then buy the shoes or charge you a small fee or something)
      And yeah, I’ve really liked the Old Navy work out clothes!

  3. I just got some nice sports bras and they are definitely my new favorite pieces. They actually feel amazing and help me keep together. They’re Old Navy ones, too! I definitely love my ProCompression socks, but I just get so sweaty/hot during long runs that I’ve only really worn them for recovery. I’m honestly debating wearing them this long run though to see how they make my tired legs feel during the run.

  4. I was stunned by the difference a good pair of running socks make. I like them on the thin side, too (mostly because I hate socks in general).

    I buy a lot of my gear at Old Navy and Target – it fits, is comfortable and the price is usually right.

    I absolutely must wear sunglasses, and I need to start looking for a good pair of athletic ones. I have a pair of Ray Bans that my mother left here on her last trip down that fit well, but they do fog up a bit, so I need to do something about that.

    • Yeah I love Old Navy workout clothes. If I had a Target in my town (biggest tragedy ever that we don’t!), I would also buy clothes there.
      Let me know if you find some good athletic sunglasses!

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