a few items of excitement

First of all, this little bloggity blog reached a new milestone. 10,000 views! Couldn’t have done it without you guys! Actually, I literally couldn’t. So thanks πŸ™‚ I’m enjoying the ride!


The other day I came home to find two trays of cereal candy sitting on my counter. I was super happy but decided it was probably for my roommate’s work. I was half right. One tray (and a half) was for her work. The other half, was for us!! This sign could not have made my morning any better!


I mean, I guess I’ll help her out and eat some of it. Because I’m a really nice, selfless roommate. They’re so lucky to have me.

Today after our first of many crazy, busy, chaotic work days for the summer, we were in our office prepping for Tuesday’s crazy day when my coworker found some marshmallows. I ate a couple and then put them away. A little bit later he asked where they were and I told him and he said “You know, it would be fun to have a marshmallow war”. Everyone agreed and kept working. A little bit later, when I could tell things were slowing down, I went and got the marshmallows and started an all out marshmallow war in our office. It went on for at least 20-25 minutes and was so, so fun! People even got pegged in the face, which hurt a lot more than you would think a marshmallow should hurt! We worked up a good sweat and eventually stopped when everyone was so tired.


Tomorrow we’re going to surprise our boss with another marshmallow war and see how she reacts. We figure it’s a good stress reliever after the office is officially closed. Also, I just notice 2 of my 3 things of excitement had to do with food. Yeah..that’s about right.

My friends Doug and Jocelyn had a cute baby girl, Melolini, yesterday and she’s now in the NICU with an infection and they’re worried Jocelyn has one too. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. I wish I had a picture to show you because she’s got SO MUCH HAIR! I know people say that a lot but seriously, this one trumps them all. It’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Sending you lots of love, cute little family! <3!!

What’s your favorite treat?

Ever had a food war? What food did you fight with?

Anything exciting going on this fine Tuesday??


9 thoughts on “a few items of excitement

  1. You need a marshmellow shooter!!!! Usually in the toy isle. My sister and I got them for our kids and ended up having the best time with them ourselves shooting our husbands!!! Absolute stress reliever πŸ˜‰

  2. favorite treat is anything salty/chocolatey combo. probably s’mores! haha

    i love that stress reliever!! great idea and sounds like you have a fun office with fun relationships!

    Also I LOVE that color green you are wearing in the pic with your red lipstick! I am really getting into red lipstick lately… but being blonde i don’t think I pull it off as well as dark haired people do!

    have a good week! And i will definitely keep your friends in my prayers!

    • Funny story: I’m not wearing lipstick. My lips go really red when I’m dehydrated and I had been giving presentations all day, so my lips were chapped. But I want to start wearing some!!

      • hhahaha oh my gosh!!! Well I am sorry that is the case but at the same time i am so jealous that that is natural!!! Well now you know that you would look great with red lipstick and should buy some! πŸ™‚

  3. How do you pronounce Melolini? I have it in my head as Mel-o-lee-knee, but I don’t know if it’s right! It’s very different! My favorite treat is dark chocolate pomegranates. I have no control when it comes to those babies! I’ve had cake wars…and that’s always messy but so much fun!

    • Yup you got it! It’s Tongan. She’s named after Doug’s mom. πŸ™‚
      I hear those things are awesome! I still haven’t tried them yet.
      Cake?! Wow yeah I bet that was messy. Sounds awesome though.

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