Class of 2013

Wednesday my baby sister graduated from high school! It was so fun to be able to take some time off during a very busy work week (I ended up close to 60 hours at work this week…hence the lack of posts) and spend some time celebrating my sister. She’s a pretty good egg.

She plays percussion, so she had to play in her cap and gown. She did great! Although she got kind of sick of me taking pictures. Can you tell?


Some pictures of the family after the ceremony! I love this picture of us. Except for the guy in the back accidentally photobombing and the lady creepin with her sunglasses.


Siblings!! Emi’s graduation in 2013


Christian’s graduation in 2009

ViviCam 6300

and my high school graduation in 2007. It’s so fun to go back and see how much we’ve changed over the years! I would have to say it’s all been for the better πŸ˜‰


Emi with the parents!


I had to take a creeper picture of this guy. He had sooooo many leis on! Love the Polynesian culture!


Happy Graduation to the Class of 2013, at any level, high school, undergrad or graduate! It’s an amazing accomplishment and a privilege.

When did you graduate from high school? college?

Favorite thing about graduation?

What fun things have you done this weekend??


9 thoughts on “Class of 2013

  1. I like to think I graduated from high school in the best year to graduate from something, ever: 1999. I mean Prince did a song just for us! It was amazing, and we totally overplayed it.

    I cannot believe I’m that old. Other than the whole going to bed early and not being able to drink without falling asleep even earlier, I feel so much younger than I am πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations to your sister! What a fun graduation-recap!
    I graduated from High School: GULP 1993
    I graduated from College: Gulp 1998
    I graduated from Graduate School: Um. That’s the closest one and I don’t remember!

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