Drop 13 Race Recap

Annnndd now the Internet isn’t working at my own house so I’m blogging from my phone. One of these days it will all go back to normal.

Recap time! Friday night I went down to my parents’ because they live quite a bit closer to the race than I do. My mom was sweet enough to pick up my race packet (which was basically the shirt and bib number. Not even safety pins!) and then she offered to drive me in the morning. So I woke up at 3:50 am, ate my usual toast with a fried egg pre-race breakfast, and she drove me to the buses.

We drove up the canyon and when we got there I wished I hadn’t sat so close to the front so I could stay on the bus longer. It was sooo cold! We could see our breath so it was easily in the 30s. So cold. I had a jacket on but I knew I would have to take it off before the race started because I knew I would last long with it in after I started running. But it was so pretty!



The race finally started and I was off! I was hitting about an 8:30 min/mile and I was feeling good. However, I couldn’t get my headphones to connect to my phone (Bluetooth…but this was the first time anything like this has happened) so I ran the whole race with no music, no podcasts, nada! And you know what? I loved it! It’s totally different when there are tons of runners around you than running by yourself with no music.

Then came the aid station at mile 5. I decided I needed to stop for a bathroom break if I was going to make it through the race (#runnerproblems) so I did. There was one…ONE porta potty. One! But it was necessary so I waited in line. By the time I was done I had lost about 5 minutes!!! I was concerned and wanted to catch up with the people I had been with so I started to book it. I hit 7:30 min/mile for the next 3 miles before I slowed down a little.

At mile 9 the constant downhill was starting to wear on me. It felt like my quads were slamming into the pavement and it was far from comfortable. I also got a killer side ache that eventually just went away.

Around mile 11.5 we came out of the canyon and headed down the neighborhoods that would lead us to the end. I had to really coax myself to not slow down too much and keep going. I was so close yet it felt so far! I finally caught up with the 1:55 pacers at mile 12 as heard them say they were a couple minutes ahead of time (totally obvious. I knew I was running faster than that and it took me 8 miles to catch up to them) but it gave me hope for a good time! I knew at that point I would PR (previous PR was 1:57) but I wanted to do as well as possible.

At mile 12.8 I was running next to a girl and we came around a corner and we could see the finish. She looked and me and said “ready?!” I nodded and said “let’s do it!” So we started to race. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t know I can finish fast and I easily passed her. Right then I saw my family, but I kept my eye on the finish and hurried to beat the clock.


My legs hurt so bad but I knew I’d done well and was so happy with my time. I grabbed some Gatorade, some water and a banana while I waited for my time card. Once I got it, I picked up my extra medal for getting a PR and went to meet my family.


Here are my splits:
1: 8:34
2: 8:33
3: 8:41
4: 8:42
5: 8:24
6: 7:24
7: 7:26
8: 7:34
9: 7:49
10: 7:47
11: 7:49
12: 8:12
13: 8:24

We left and I have now been so incredibly sore for two and a half days but also so happy. It’s a good hurt πŸ™‚ I’m happy with my performance because I really do feel like I did my best. (Also I’m really not that fast but you can’t help it when you’re going straight down a canyon. Gravity is quite the force!).

It was so fun to do this race and try out the course since my marathon also includes this same canyon. I now have 3 months to prepare for that. Here goes nothing!


What was the last race you did?

When is your next race?

I need recommendations for marathon training plans. Help!!

If you missed my post for RoseRunners, you can check it out here. It’s such a good cause. At least check out their website.


16 thoughts on “Drop 13 Race Recap

  1. I saw this on Instyyygram and was so excited for you! Those are some killer and amazing splits, too! Congratulations on a great, great, amazing, awesome race!!! That’s neat that your marathon will include this race course – so good to know what you’re going into before you go into it! Yay for a good sore, and really, PHENOMENAL race lady! ❀

  2. WOOT WOOT! I KNEW you were going to rock it!! Way to go girl πŸ™‚ I was so pumped when I saw this over the weekend!

  3. YOU GO GIRL! You are definitely speedy and I am jealous πŸ˜€ Also, I didn’t know they gave out medals for getting a PR. Is that at all races? I’ve only run one so far and it was in February. I’m doing a 5k in September, a 10-miler in October, hopefully another half in October, and then the Princess Half again in February πŸ˜€

    • I think it’s just something this race does. They have extra medals if you PR at all, PR by 13 minutes or drop 13 pounds between when you sign up for the race and race day. It’s a nice extra incentive πŸ™‚

  4. Nice recap! I was completely confused by the lack of safety pins and bags at the packet pickup as well! Other than that, I think everything went really well. The pacers were fast on this race. I was behind the 2 hour ones until mile 7 while I caught up to them and told them to knock it off. haha. I never use the portapotties during a race, but I was sad for the people who had to wait to use the ONE at each aid station. I always start laughing when I see random people just appear out of the woods or suddenly dart off course into the bushes. Hint: if you are going to use nature for when Mother Nature calls, make sure people can’t see you doin’ your business! One guy went maybe 10 feet off the road and just turned his back. Gross.

    I am excited that you are doing the full Big Cottonwood marathon in September. I am running the half with a friend – first time I have run a half with anyone else. Should be interesting.

    Final thought: while I am less sore today, there is still a lot of pain. And I can only imagine how hilarious it must be to watch me go up and down stairs. I feel like a grandma. My knees and shins are okay, but the calves and quads took a beating.

    • Yeah, I try to not stop if I don’t have to but…I had to! Super lame. I agree, some people weren’t quite far enough off the road!

      ahahaha Allyson I’m so glad someone else can relate! I was so worried about my knees but it’s totally my calves and quads that kill. I’m also not quite a sore today but stairs are seriously the devil. Especially going down the stairs. I look like a fool.

      That’s so fun that you’ll be at the Big Cottonwood Half! We should meet up if you’re still around after my race is over (if I make it through alive). That will be fun to run it with your friend. Are you guys sticking together during the race or doing your own thing and meeting up after?

      • Yes, we should definitely meet up after the BC race in Sept! My friend and I tend to just meet up at the finish line so it will be like running it alone, but it will be fun knowing that someone else is going through the pain with me. haha I’ll check in with you closer to the race so we can plan the meet-up!

        Best of luck with the marathon training. Just think: you are already halfway there!

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