Running 101: Form

First of all, thank you guys soo much for all your advice! I got such a great response on a plea for a marathon training plan and I really appreciate it.

Secondly, I want to explain why my posts have been later than usual/done on my phone this week. My internet has been down since the weekend and I’ve called Comcast two times (only to have them tell me the same things to do twice…even though I told them I already tried it), I tried a new ethernet cable, reset everything multiple times. I’m at a loss! So I finally scheduled a technician and they’re coming tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully they can get it fixed so things can get back to normal! Plus I’ve been using my data on my phone (I’m usually always on some sort of wifi) and I’m getting behind on Bachelorette and PLL. I know, I know. First world problems. Also, after listing both those shows, first world girly problems.

I’ve had a number of requests for posts on running for beginners. So I’ve decided to start a series that I’ll post now and then called “Running 101” and talk about different topics that are running basics. I will compile them in a new tab at the top so that they’ll all be easily accessible as they start to collect.

For the first Running 101 post, we’re talking about correct form! I found this awesome chart yesterday (perfect timing!!) that just outlines everything so well.

how to run

One thing that really helps me to keep my core tight. A strong core (something I’m definitely still working on) is such an important thing for a runner to have! One way to work on it is to remember to keep it tight while you run. This will also help you to align your hips, your shoulders, keep your head up and basically just lines you up right! Don’t believe me? Try keeping a tight core and slouching? Not very comfortable. However, make sure that you’re not tightening up your back and shoulders. Just your core. As it says above, you want your shoulders low and loose.

A pet peeve of mine when I see runners on the street is those who don’t take advantage of using their arms correctly!!! My coaches used to tell me that your legs follow your arms, so of course you want to be using your arms efficiently if you want your legs to follow. Here are a couple of the most common mistakes I see:

  • Arms like limp noodles, not really being used at all. Now they’re just extra weight you’re dragging along. Use them to pump and propel yourself!
  • Arms crossing over the body. Again, this take away from efficiency and limits the power of the arms. Swinging them along the side of your body instead of across your chest gives you so much more power!

Sorry I don’t have much time! (dang internet issues) But I want your feedback and advice for future Running 101 posts. Please share your advice on (remember these are beginner runner tips):







And anything else you can think of that helped you when you were first becoming a runner. Because we all had to start somewhere!

Anything wonderful going on this Wednesday?? (I might be having a bonfire up the canyon with some friends later on)


10 thoughts on “Running 101: Form

  1. This is great!! I am a runner but I often have trouble explaining it to other people this will be a great resource! For example my boyfriend wants to start running and has asked for advice, in the limited amount of thing I’ve told him, it’s pretty disorganized lol. So this is good thanks for posting!

  2. I hate Comcast. They have a monopoly here where I live and we lose cable and/or internet at least 3x a month. Ugh.

    Okay, beginners advice. I’m going to leave this here:

    But my biggest advice on gear is this: if you’re going to drop serious cash on gear, drop it on your shoes! Get fitted, test them out, spend the dough. You can get away with cheap tops and shorts, etc, but shoes are the foundation of safe and effective running!

  3. When I see people with scrunched up shoulders and arms up in their armpits it makes my shoulders sore just watching!

    I totally agree on dropping money on the shoes first! Finding the right fit is so worth it and will keep you engaged in the sport way longer

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