Illusions and first campfire of the summer

I’m going to wait to do any more Running 101 posts until I get my internet back up and running at my house (hopefully today!!) so that I can do lots of good research and give you awesome running information. But if you missed yesterday’s edition, Running 101: Form, go check it out!

Yesterday, we had an illusionist stop by our office. It was so fun! (til my coworkers were telling me how he did everything after he left. Fun suckers) He stretched the quarter below, read my boss’s mind and used his mind to know what card my coworker was holding clear across the room. I love when random stuff like this happens at work.


Last night was also the first bonfire of the summer! I say bonfire, but it was more like a campfire…minus the camping. I’m not a camping girl.


But I do love the mountains soo much and would spend all day in them! I also don’t mind the campfire smell. I just want to go home at night and sleep in my own bed. I don’t think that’s an outrageous request. But look how pretty! I’m so lucky to live here.


We roasted marshmallows (I’m pretty sure it’s a sin to have a campfire and not roast anything)


And we made modified s’mores with cookies. I always forget how messy s’mores are and how difficult they are to eat. We decided last night that they’re really a whole lot more fun to make than to eat. Roasting marshmallows could really be an art form. It takes talent to get it just so!


It was a good time and I’m looking forward to many more fires this summer. (note the boys in the background haha so creepy!)


Have you ever seen an illusionist?

Do you like camping? (we can still be friends if you do. I just won’t be joining you)

Thoughts on s’mores?? What else do you like to roast over a fire?


17 thoughts on “Illusions and first campfire of the summer

  1. I like camping but am always so excited to get home and shower lol last s’more I made was sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies and it was incredible.

  2. Try s’more banana boats. Slice the banana’s skin lengthwise, stuff with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows, and heat over the campfire. So yummy!!

    I have seen illusionists and they’re fun! I have seen a hypnotist before, too, but he told me I couldn’t be hypnotized because my brain doesn’t turn off enough. Bummer!

  3. That is such a good idea to use those cookies for s’mores! OMG! I am with ya on the bed thing, I just want my bed, that’s not too bad, right? 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  4. Genius Idea with the Fudge Stripe Cookies!!! Instead of putting hershey’s chocolate like a regular smore, I always put M&Ms or Kit Kats.

    I’m not to fond of camping. I don’t really enjoy hiking mostly due to the bugs and my fear of getting some sort of poison ivy or oak on me. I’m a big baby.. haha

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