Volunteering for Ragnar

A few weeks ago, my boss asked some of us if we wanted to be volunteers on behalf of her cousin’s Ragnar: Wasatch Back team. So yesterday, she and I (the other people in our office ended up not being able to do it) met up and then went to the starting line, where we would be stationed for the next 5 hours.


It was fun to see all the runners getting ready to start and the teams that were so excited to be there. It was kind of funny to see the difference between the people who were hard core runners and those who were clearly just there to have a good time. The amount of legit running gear, Garmins, and water belts were dead give aways. And the awesome leg muscles.


We spent our time here checking people in and giving them all of their materials. For the most part it seemed great, but there were some organizational details we would have changed had we been in charge. The t-shirt situation seemed faulty. But what do I know about event planning for lots of people? (ahem…that’s a huge part of my job)

My favorite part of the  morning though was the teams that were dressed up! There was the Egyptian team with the farmers tan Pharaoh.


The garden gnomes (Cori, they kinda look like yours!) I can’t decide if I got caught being a creep or just happened to snap the picture at just the right moment to catch him looking in my general direction.


But my favorite team was the Duck Dynasty team. They ran into the track area blowing their duck whistles. It was hilarious! This older volunteer lady was less creepy than me and actually asked for the pictures so I got this one from her.


I think if I ever dressed up for running, I would take into account things that will bounce and bother me and make me hotter than I already would be running in the middle of the day in June. Some people’s costumes just really didn’t take that into account. Like the team dressed like spuds. I don’t know that they thought this through.

I’ve never participated in the Wasatch Back, but today made me want to do it a little more. Again, it goes back to the camping aspect. I don’t do well sleeping on the ground (or wherever!) and I especially don’t do well on lack of sleep! So this just doesn’t sound like that much fun. But I can see myself doing one someday  just so that I could say I did it.


Have you ever completed a relay race? Or a Ragnar specifically? (fun fact: the teams run about 198 miles combined for the Wasatch Back! Also this year is their 10th anniversary. Kinda cool!)

If you haven’t, would you want to do one?

What’s your workout this fine Saturday? I’m going to the gym with my roommate to do a strength workout her trainer gave her. Should be super awesome. And by awesome I mean hard and painful. So yes, awesome 🙂


8 thoughts on “Volunteering for Ragnar

  1. I’m running my first Ragnar in February. I’m really excited! But every time I see a post about it (from anyone!) I realize that there are usually huge organizational snafus and things that people don’t take into account. I need to remember to be flexible about the race :o)

  2. So…. you KNOW I don’t do well without any sleep, but I did it! Next year, you are running Wasatch Back with our team. It was AMAZING, Alyssa. I have never felt so proud of myself in my entire life– Ragnar challenged me physically, but even more emotionally and I am so lucky for the experiences I had this weekend. Holy SMOKES it was unreal.

    Seriously though, I already told our captain to put you on our list.

    • ahahaha Steph you kill me!!! ok ok I’ll do it. I did say I’d at least try it once. Plus it would be super fun to do it with you. 🙂 And yes we are very similar with our need for sleep, so if you can do it, I know I can too! (I mean that in the best way)

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