Running 101: Breathing

Holy moley you guys. My roommate’s trainer is not messing around. Yesterday I did her Saturday workout with her that her trainer outlined for her and wow it was hard. Also, now I’m sore. I think the main lesson I learned from this experience is that my strength training needs to be amped up A LOT. I’m a weakling! It’s actually kind of embarrassing how hard it was for me. Yikes..

Also, look what came in the mail! I’m a couple of chapters in and it’s really interesting. I’m really enjoying it! Also, the people this book talks about are insane! I wish I were that awesome.


Today we’re talking about breathing while you run. Important, right? I thought so.


As I searched the interweb for just the right advice to give to all of you, I found some common themes. I had to look it up because I honestly don’t think about my breathing a whole lot (I guess I’m just a natural) ;). If I do it’s because I have a side ache and if I focus on it, it gets worse, so I go back to not paying attention to my breathing and it goes away. But here are the top 3 pieces of advice that everyone seemed to be promoting:

  • Breathe through your mouth (nasal breathing is for pilates. this is running)
  • Breathe from the belly, not the chest
  • Find a pattern. Some of the articles I found suggested specifically a 3:2 pattern (3 breaths in, 2 breaths out). If this helps you with starting out, then great! But you’ll probably want to adjust it to whatever works for you as you progress in your running. It will also probably depend on the speed and intensity of your run.

This website had some videos you can do of breathing enhancers. This way you’re not all out of breath at the end of your workout.

If you can get good breathing techniques down, it will ensure that your muscles (which are working super hard!) are getting the adequate amount of oxygen they need to function properly. This in turn will help you to improve your endurance and become an even better runner! I know we all want that 🙂

What was the last workout you did that made you sore?

Are you good about your strength training? (someone make me feel better and tell me you suck at it too…)

Any other advice about breathing while running?

Sources: Active, Live Strong, Fit Day, Runner’s World, Wiki How (this one has pictures! haha!!!)


12 thoughts on “Running 101: Breathing

  1. A quick fix for breathing is that if you notice your shoulders/chest getting tight, you breathe in deeply and exhale a sigh. Doing that two or three times helps get your breathing back on track.

    The other day I ran, then followed it up with the elliptical, rowing machine, and stair stepper. My quads were killing me afterward!

  2. I loved born to run!!! So good. As an asthma runner I’m almost always focusing on my breathing. It calms me when I tune into it during runs.

  3. I don’t do as much strength training as I should. I get lazy and then I get injured and then I remember why strength training is so important!

    My best advice for breathing is: Make sure you are getting a good breath in. I find when I’m running hard that it’s easy to take shallow breaths which of course doesn’t work very well.

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